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Doug Kramer On Chesca Garcia's Birthday: 'Happy and blessed to be growing old with you'

doug kramer and chesca garcia

Doug Kramer had the best birthday surprise for Chesca Garcia on July 24, 2022. 

In an Instagram post, Doug shared a photo of Chesca holding up three extravagant flower bouquets as he wrote, "Spoiling her with love and flowers!"

The former professional basketball player also called Chesca his "forever sweetheart" as he joked, "Time to guess how old she is?!"

Chesca responded to Doug's post, "Hay, naku! Basta, I don't feel it!!!! Love you, baby!!"

In an earlier Instagram birthday greeting to his wife, Doug shared two "then-and-now" photos of himself with Chesca. Calling her his "No. 1 baby girl," Doug shared that he "fell in love" with the actress when she was just 22! 

He added, "Now, I'll be honest about your age for the first time, you're now 42 but still unfairly way younger-looking than me!"


"So much to say, so little space to write," Doug continued. "I'm just happy and blessed to be growing old with you, baby."

Chesca and Doug tied the knot in 2008 and have since welcomed three kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. The couple also renewed their wedding vows in 2018. Revealing the secret to the couple's lasting relationship, Doug previously shared in an IG stories Q&A, "Put the Lord at the center of your relationship. Love and respect her. Do the things you're supposed to do and not be focused on what she needs to do. Take down your pride. Say sorry first. We never play with fire or entertain temptations."


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