You Have To See The Movie Theater That Doug Kramer Designed For Their New Home

Check out the Team Kramer theater!

Doug Kramer designed a movie theater for their new home, and it looks like one of the best theaters in town. It has a 180-inch screen, 11 surround speakers, two subwoofers, and four Atmos ceiling speakers. Whoa! All the equipment is in the control room, just like a commercial movie theater. 

“If you know me, you'll know one of my hobbies is listening to good speakers and watching movies with the fam. The first cinema I designed from scratch was the one in our previous house. Unlike that one, which was red and black, I went with black and brown, with brown being an accent wood around the cinema,” says Doug, who conceptualized the theater more than two years ago. 

He was really hands-on with the build. “I was so detailed with the whole house, but extra detailed when it came to the theater. I did manual measurements for power outlets, distance between the wood ceiling claddings, and even the spacing for the rows of seats.”

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Doug says, “It's my dream theater build and I can’t wait to re-watch more movies with family and friends! With that being said, I'm charging 200 pesos lang per head, so come over na!” LOL!

Swipe to see the before and after photos below:

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