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We Can’t Get Over Dr. Sul’s Powerful Speech About Single Women From 'A World Of Married Couple'

1000 points for you Dr. Sul!
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A few weeks ago, we named her the worst character on A World of Married Couple, based on what she’s done from episodes one to eight. Then, in the episodes that followed, it looks  like we’re *finally* seeing a bit of positive character development for Dr. Sul Myung Sook. (You know, Ji Sun Woo’s doctor friend who actuallly knew about Lee Tae Oh’s affair with Yeo Da Kyung the whole time and eventually schemed with Tae Oh to get Sun Woo's position in the hospital.) 

ANYWAY. In episode 11 of A World of Married Couple, we couldn’t help but do slow claps after one particular scene where Dr. Sul confronted the big boss of their hospital after he dropped some very sexist statements. It’s 2020, and yet there are probably still people who think this way IRL. 

As she was asking for a chance to get the assistant hospital director position, the male hospital director said: “I’d love to give you a chance, but you’re still single.” (WTF.) 

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Dr. Sul was completely taken aback and the other doctor continued: “Why are you so ambitious when you don’t even have a family to feed?” (At this point I was fuming, as you are every five minutes when you watch this show.) She brought up that Dr. Kim, the male psychiatrist who took over Sun Woo’s position is also single, and she was told: “Men and women are different.” 

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Hold us please.

Dr. Sul, enraged, clapped back: “So it’s okay for a guy but not okay for a woman to be ambitious?” The director goes on to say that Sun Woo has caused enough trouble for the hospital and that he didn’t need Dr. Sul, another woman, to add to the list. The worst part? He also said: “Women always cause so many problems. My goodness.” EXCUSE. ME. HOLD. TF. UP. 

Thankfully, Dr. Sul went all out and delivered the one the Best Speeches In K-Drama History:

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“You’re right. I’m a woman. And I’m single. But I worked just as hard as the others if not more. Because I don’t have any children whom I can rely on after I retire, I don’t have a husband to protect me. And I can’t believe you’re treating Sun Woo like this. You already demoted her so you can get the donation. But now, you’re even treating her like a nuisance? Why? Do you think she’s some kind of criminal because a detective came by to see her?”

He of course, denied that he ever called Sun Woo a criminal. But Dr. Sul continued:

“Every time something happened at the hospital, she stepped up on your behalf and took care of everything. But now you think she’s just a troublemaker? Why? Is it because she’s single? 

He said he wasn't happy about Dr. Sul's behavior, but still, she went on:

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“Then tell me why you think women are troublemakers and why you think it’s a problem for women to be single!”

SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. 1000 points for you Dr. Sul! 

Watch the fantastic scene here:

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