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The *Touching* Reason Behind Why Dr. Vicki Belo Doesn't Reveal Her True Age To Scarlet

'I realized she’s scared of me dying because I’m old.'
PHOTO: Instagram/victoria_belo

Dr. Vicki Belo recently revealed that she doesn't tell her daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo, her real age—and mind you, she has an important and quite touching reason behind it.

In a recent interview with, the 65-year-old celebrity doctor said that she shaves off 10 years from her actual age whenever her seven-year-old daughter asks about it.

PHOTO BY Instagram/victoria_belo


"Can you imagine, I never lie about it, but Scarlet is so worried about my age," she shared. "She's so fearful. She would always ask me, 'Mom, how old are you? How old are you?' I couldn't understand why she used to make me repeat it."

The beauty doctor then realized why her daughter kept asking about her age, and it's because Scarlet was scared that she might lose her mom due to old age. Aww.

"I realized she’s scared of me dying because I’m old. I will lie now. I have to say I’m 55. So, guys, please, when you talk to Scarlet, Mommy is 55," she said.

PHOTO BY Instagram/victoria_belo
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Vicki and her husband Hayden Kho welcomed Scarlet to the world via in vitro fertalization (IVF) in 2015 after the couple hired a surrogate mother. Aside from Scarlet, Vicki is also a mom to Cristalle Belo and Quark Henares, her children with former husband Atom Henares.


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