Drake Has Already Coined His (Non) Couple Name With Taylor Swift

#Draylor forever.
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Now that the Drake and Taylor Swift dating rumors have mostly died down and now that the world has seen what Drake looks like when he works out to “Bad Blood,” it’s time to come full circle with whatever it is Drake and Taylor are up to. Shortly after the premiere of his new Apple Music commercial Sunday night, Drake took to Instagram to promote the clip (and his beautiful arms), casually slipping in hashtags including #SwiftGains, #LightWork, and #Draylor


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If Drake and Taylor were really dating, #Draylor would follow the golden footsteps of great couple names like #Brangelina, #Kimye, #Hiddleswift, and yes, dare I say it, even #TomKat (who incidentally, tied the knot exactly 10 years ago this weekend). While she didn’t include the hashtag, Taylor also promoted Drake’s clip and added her own spin, #drakevsbenchpress

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So there you have it, #Draylor is real—even though no one really knows what it is. Naturally, the internet cannot deal.

Until next time, #Draylor shippers.

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