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Read Dylan Wang's 'Goodbye Letter' To Dao Ming Si

PHOTO: Meteor Garden/Hunan Television

News flash: Someone unearthed (and TRANSLATED) Dylan Wang's post on Weibo (a Chinese blogging website) which he wrote after he finished shooting Meteor Garden. Dylan currently plays the character of Dao Ming Si in the series' 2018 reboot. It actually feels like he's talking to the character, and he gives us a glimpse into his own interpretation of Dao Ming Si.


Here are some of our favorite lines:

  1. "If I could really meet Dao Ming Si in real life, we will definitely be good buddies, because I understand you, and I believe that you will understand me too."
  2. "I pitied you for having such a hard time loving someone."
  3. "I really could not understand why someone like you, who could get anything he wants and does not lack anything, frustratingly kept chasing after Shan Cai." 
  4. "Don't worry, I’ll move away soon, and look for another character to know and understand."
  5. "Even though the pineapple hair is quite cool, I encourage you to do this pineapple hairstyle less often, after all, using so much hairspray on your hair every day, I'm worried that you'll be bald in the future!"

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What's next for Dylan Wang? We don't know yet, but one thing's for sure: We just want you to be happy, Didi! 

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