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Ellen's Reaction After Her First *Hilarious* Kiss With Derek: 'Run away!'

LOL, Derek even joked that it 'disturbed' him.
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/maria.elena.adarna

Newly engaged (and super honest) couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay said their first kiss was completely awkward—Derek even joked that it "disturbed" him! In an IG live interview with G3 San Diego, the couple talked about their relationship and I'm not kidding when I say they were laughing THE WHOLE TIME.  

The two were set up on a blind date by friends in January 2021 and they didn't even kiss during the ligawan phase: They were both torpe. Ellen said people were probably imagining them as a "f*ckboy" and "f*ckgirl," but they were actually super wholesome.

Guess what? Ellen initiated their first kiss! Here's what happened: "I really wanted to kiss him because he dropped me home. 'Kiss ko na 'to. Kiss ko na 'to,'" Ellen shared. "So ito na iki-kiss ko na siya...Bigla akong natawa, parang pinagtatawanan ko ang sarili ko na parang sh*t ang tagal kong iniisip, parang oh my god. So diniretso ko na siya..."

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"She hit me with her teeth!" Derek exclaimed. "Hinead-butt niya ako. And then she just opened the door, tapos lumabas na siya papunta sa bahay niya. And like ako, talagang tulala na parang, oh my god."

ellen and derek
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Ellen said she walked away, thinking, "Oh my god, that was so bad. Run, run, run away!" Meanwhile, Derek drove home and contemplated: "Whoa, ang ganda ganda niya pero she can't kiss, e that's like my favorite thing. She can't kiss...It was so bad na parang, it really disturbed me. Sabi ko, 'pero I like her so much.'"

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Their *proper* first kiss, which they described as "sweet and short," happened after a beach trip. 

Ellen and Derek confirmed their relationship in February and announced their engagement on March 30. In the same interview, G3 asked Ellen, "What were you sure about with Derek that you weren't sure about with John Lloyd?" The actress responded: "I was content and happy without him [Derek]. I didn't have that desperate vibe of trying to look for love, looking for a guy to complete me. I was already complete. And then when Derek came, he just made it better, more beautiful."


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