11 Times Ellen Adarna's IG Posts Made Us LOL

She is srsly the FUNNIEST!
PHOTO: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

Ellen Adarna is more than just a pretty face and a sex symbol. She's also a witty comedian.

We don't always get to see Ellen's funny side on television these dayswhen she's not playing the kontrabida, she's usually doing some heavy dramatic scenes. But because the 28-year-old actress would like to share her innate humor with the public, she takes to Instagram to showcase her crazy side.

In between all the bikini snaps and insane workout clips, she shares unflattering (but hilarious) selfies and totally crazy videos with LOL-worthy captions.

Check out the funniest snaps from her IG below:

1. "Kinuha ni Lord buti binalik." – Ellen Adarna, 2016

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2. That scream though...

3. Share your blessings, Ellen!

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4. Our forever blue crush. 

5.Your reaction when you remember the days when you were still fit AF.

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6. Cray (but still undeniably hot).

7. ROFL!!!

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8. Despite the scary Snapchat filter, Ellen still looks adorable.

9. Shake it!

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10. That double chin though...

11. Who has the guts to post this kind of selfie?

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