Ellen Adarna Had A Bit Too Much Fun Skiing In Japan, Went Home In A Wheelchair

All in the spirit of YOLO!

Ellen Adarna just arrived back home in Manila from a week-long getaway in Niseko, Japan’s ski slopes.

And in true Ellen fashion, most of her IG snaps of her trip were full of her wild and crazy antics:

Oh deer. 

Smoking it up! 

Casually strolling in waist-deep snow. Puuuush.

Attempting to do a jump shot. And failing.

Sige, selfie na lang.

The many times she made snow angels.

However, our dear, dear girl Ellen seemed to have had a bit too much fun—‘cause her next snap was of her boarding her flight back to Manila...in a wheelchair!

The actress apparently injured her knee while skiing on an intermediate slope (which she wasn’t supposed to be on, tsk tsk, bad girl) and also revealed that it was her THIRD time coming home in a wheelchair!

You Only Live Once nga naman, di ba?

This is what happens when you #yolo an intermediate slope! #sticktoyourlevel I did not follow instructions #followyourheart!!!! Third time going home on a wheelchair! Kaya pa!!#sticksandstonesmaybreakmybones

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