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Ellen Adarna Lives In A 1930s Apartment In Manila

She has a fantastic view of the Manila Bay sunset, too.
PHOTO: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

Based on her posts on social media and the countless billboards we often see, it’s safe to say that actress Ellen Adarna is a fitness buff. From boxing to practicing yoga, the Cebuana is dedicated to maintaining a healthy body—even turning a part of her living area into a workout nook.

With generous windows that offer a breathtaking view of busy Manila, her apartment is a special place where Ellen can do the things she loves, including taking care of her furry babies and having friends over for get-togethers. Here are a few more things we love about her place:

The view of the Manila Bay

Just like a painting, this view is just one of the perks of living near the Manila Bay. Admiring the blending of colors as the sun sets is a perfect way to end another hectic day.

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The huge floor area of the apartment

During the apartment's renovation, Ellen shared a "before" photo. Enough space was allotted for the living area, with a dining nook placed near the kitchen. Based on her posts, this was one of the actress's biggest projects a couple of years back.

The vintage vibe of every room

While thick drapes block out harsh rays of the sun, there is still an ample amount of light—enough to cast a warm glow in her room. The overall ambiance will give you a vintage film vibe.

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Ellen's private space has plenty of modern comforts (a TV and an AC unit, to name a few), but it still has that old-world charm—the chandelier adds a luxurious touch, while the curtains give it a homey feel. One of the best things about this apartment building in Manila is its magic that transports homeowners and guests to a bygone era.

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The chic living area

Actress and UP Diliman-educated interior designer Alma Concepcion created Ellen's luxe and glamorous living areas. After the apartment's makeover, Ellen shared a photo of her posh living area complete with tufted seats, a striking chandelier, and a calming view of the outdoors. This is where Ellen entertains her friends and where they can enjoy a few refreshments.

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Ellen is good friends with fellow Cebu City native and world-renowned furniture designer, Vito Selma. One of Vito's famous pieces—the Hanako coffee table—serves as a focal point in the living area. The Hanako showcases an exceptional way of working with wood, with geometric lines turning it into a stunning accent piece.

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Click here to see more of Vito Selma's work. 

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The instant workout nook

By moving furniture around and allotting enough space for her equipment, Ellen can happily do exercises and even box freely at home.

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Her simple yet cozy bedroom

With white as the dominant color, the bedroom is perfect for rest and relaxation. Instead of having an ordinary headboard, the space above the bed features a niche where framed prints are on display. It's also an ideal spot for to place essentials and gadgets.

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The works of art that add color to the living space

Aside from belting out tunes and playing the piano, Ellen also paints. In her home, works of art done by her friends are on display. These pieces add color and warmth to the apartment.

The best part about Ellen's home?

Furry babies are welcome to chill and have a grand time, too! 
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