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Ellen Adarna And The World's Hottest Math Teacher Trade Mutual Admiration On IG

And it all started with Ellen's March Cosmo cover.
PHOTO: (PIERO) Instagram/pietroboselli, (ELLEN) Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

What happens when two hotties fawn over each other? We ship them together, of course! Case in point: Ellen Adarna and Pietro Boselli aka The World's Hottest Math Teacher.

So how'd this whole mutual admiration thing start anyway? Well, Pietro, who's in the Philippines after being launched as BENCH BODY's newest face, mentioned how he found the Kapamilya actress truly ~*beautiful*~ after he saw her March Cosmopolitan cover. All of which he said during a press launch on Sunday, March 12.

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The Italian math-teacher-turned-international-model then gave a shout out to Ellen via her handler Danel Calixto's Instagram account. He said:

"I just wanted to say to Ellen that what I said in the conference is true. Yes, so, I did see your picture and I thought you were really beautiful. So that wasn't a planted answer at all. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. I don't know why they haven't introduced us yet, you know. That'syou see, that's her fault. That person here (points to Pia Campos, Ellen and Pietro's manager). Luckily, we have Danel who's going to take care of this. Right, Danel? Good."

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Ellen then replied to Pietro with this message on Insta:

"Hi Pietro. I saw your interview and I realized all of a sudden that I love math! Anyway, I can't wait to see you and I will make time for you. Charot! Sabi!"

So who wants to see these hotties meet IRL? *raises hands*

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Yup, TOTALLY shipping these two.

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