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'Emily In Paris' Showrunner Darren Star And Star Lucas Bravo Share Trivia About Season 3

Darren Star Lucas Bravo Emily In Paris 3
PHOTO: Courtesy of Netflix

Emily in Paris is all about feeling the Francophile fantasy, from the fabulous fashion to the picturesque locations. The series has grown to become our own un petit plaisir (a little indulgence) as it continues to entertain and suspend our disbelief regarding certain realities such as the mystery of Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) ever-expanding closet space.

As always, the show is bringing the drama and the cringe comedy (trauma bangs!) with breakups, hookups, questionable choices, and awkward confrontations. And of course, no season would be complete without Emily and Chef Gabriel’s (Lucas Bravo) blatant sexual tension, which hangs heavy in the air even if they’re dating other people.

To learn more about the latest season, we spoke to Emily in Paris showrunner Darren Star and Le Chef Hot himself, Lucas Bravo during a special roundtable session.

Warning: If you are Team Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) then Lucas’ charm attack during this interview may sway you to consider Team Gabriel.


(Or why not both?)

  1. Darren Star and Lucas Bravo feel for all the Emily in Paris characters—yes, even the messy ones. (For real though, who popped up in your head?) 

    Darren: I mean, as a writer you have to love all the characters.

    Lucas: Of course!

    Darren: And you know, you don’t really ever hate anybody because everybody is acting. Even characters that seem unsympathetic are acting with the best intentions. I feel like any character that seems unsympathetic [can be] justified in their behavior. So despite how they might come off, I really have deep love and affection for all of them.

    Lucas: When you get a blueprint for a character, you start from a place of love and then you navigate their traumas, education, and influences that brought them to be mean or anything. But there’s always a justification and you have to love them. I don’t think you can portray a character if you don’t love him no matter how he behaves. Every character is just part of this story so it makes the show what it is.

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  2. Emily in Paris’ special event was held at a theater that’s been around since 1913.

    Darren: It was an amazing moment to be here [in France and] to have a party in Paris! [We held the] premiere [inside] an incredibly historic theater [Théâtre des Champs-Elysées]. And to watch the show live with an audience of, like, 800 people? You rarely get to experience that ever with a TV series so it was extra special to do it with the entire cast. People came in from everywhere to be here for this wonderful party. We’re still on a high.

  3. Season 3 is still stuntin’ when it comes to serving looks, which means everyone can fight and freak out in fashionable form. (Shout out to their costume designer, Marilyn Fitoussi!)

    Darren: I think the styles get even more outrageous this season especially with Ashley Park [who plays Mindy]. She always looks like she’s ready to go to the Met ball [Costume Institute Gala] at any given episode. But that’s what’s so fun about the show! [We] watch for the fashion! In terms of any favorite outfits, I have a few that I love [including what] Emily wears in Provence. [Emily in Paris S3 Ep6] It’s this sort of lavender outfit that matches the setting. Of course there’s this wonderful scene between Sylvie and Madeline where they sort of encounter each other at the costume gala that I think is really fun to watch! [Emily in Paris S3 Ep2]


    Lucas: What was that dress, by the way? The black one that they both wear?

    Darren: Invented!

    Lucas: Oh wow!

    Darren: Well, because it’s his dress. 

    Lucas: It’s supposed to be Pierre Cadault?

    Darren: It’s Pierre Cadault’s creation!

    Lucas: Wow. That’s a great dress!

  4. “Lucas” or Luca?” We finally find out how to pronounce Lucas’ name.

    Lucas: Whatever you like!

    Darren: Either! Both, right?

    Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

    Darren: It’s like “Cami” or “Camille.”

  5. Here are Lucas’ personal Parisian hotspots!

    Lucas: [We have our] own version of Central Park. You have little bridges, chapels, bars, and a little wildlife. I think it’s a great spot for a first date. [As for] my favorite restaurant in Paris? I like Ferdi. I would say it’s a bit mainstream because everybody knows it.

    Darren: Oh, I haven’t been there!

    Lucas: Ah, there you go!

    Darren: There you go, let’s go!


    Lucas: This is where we’re going then for lunch or dinner.

    Darren: Yeah!

  6. Speaking of food, Lucas dishes on his real-life cooking skills.

    Lucas: [Do I cook really well?] Define, “really well.” I think I’m above average but uh…

    Darren: You made that omelet in season 1 didn’t you? [Emily in Paris S1 Ep4]

    Lucas: I did! It’s an omelet but, uh, made with love.

    Darren: It’s good!

    Lucas: I flipped it! Did you see that? *Mimes flipping a pan* It takes a lot of practice. [For my] favorite dish, it’s a risotto coco curry with prawns.

    Darren: Now I’m craving that.

  7. Emily in Paris’ popularity had a personal impact on Lucas’ career.

    Lucas: Well, it brought me visibility and [gave me an opportunity] to work with people I’ve admired for a long time. [I have access] to [more] scripts, you know, the very interesting ones. I’m still auditioning and going through the struggle of [being an] actor on a daily basis but it just gave me a bit of confidence as well. [Acting is] a job where you always face rejection and so it feels good to feel a bit legitimate. [I’m] able to project into the future and know that there’s a new season coming, there’s a script being produced, something on the way. So it brought me peace and opportunities.

  8. Darren and Lucas recall their favorite scenes to film.

    Lucas: There are so many!

    Darren: Yes, that’s a tough one! I have to say the [hot air] balloons. [Emily in Paris S3, Ep9] I almost [rode the hot air balloon] but I didn’t go. Just seeing those balloons go up in Loire Valley was just breathtaking! And you know, we did it at six in the morning and it was just, like, surreal.

    Lucas: There were three balloons, right?

    Darren: At least three or four, yeah.

    Lucas: That’s on my bucket list! I’ve never been on a hot air balloon. I think my favorite scene was the last scene because of the atmosphere on set that day. [Emily in Paris S3, Ep10] [How everybody was very] concentrated and focused [so they could] make it the best possible ending to this season. I like it when we’re all coming together as one single energy to make this show the best that it can be and so I really love that scene.

  9. Lucas shares his take on why viewers were immediately invested in Emily’s misadventures.

    Lucas: You know, I saw a few ingredients [that made me believe that Emily in Paris would become popular]. I knew Darren’s work and everything he touches turns to magic. I knew Lily [Collins] and [was already] a big fan of her work. Paris has also never been filmed from that perspective. It’s a very particular point of view where everything is more beautiful and enhanced.

    Netflix also has this global reach that makes everything travel faster and wider and so for that matter, I knew that we would get an audience. But it was impossible for me to anticipate the kind of response [that Emily in Paris has received]. It also came at a time where people couldn’t go out and were stuck at home. It was the perfect form of escapism.

  10. On the Emily in Paris showrunner’s ideal outcome after binge-watching Season 3.

    Darren: I want the audience to feel like they’ve gone on this great journey with us and all of our characters. And by the end of the season, they’re excited and anxious to see Season 4 and want to know more and see what’s gonna happen next.

Any predictions for the fourth season? Who should be Emily’s endgame: Alfie or Gabriel? If you can’t relate yet then watch Emily in Paris Season 3 on Netflix and let us know what you think!

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