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LOL! Emma Stone Was Mistaken For Emma Watson

Have you ever confused the two?
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Billy Eichner is back with his hilarious YouTube show, Billy on the Street, in which he runs up to random people and asks their opinions on equally random things! This time, he's teamed up with Emma Stone of La La Land and Superbad fame to go around and ask people when they think Stone will join Instagram, but one of the people they approached on the street legit confused her with Emma Watson and it was...super bad.

In the video, Billy innocently asks a New Yorker what his favorite Emma Stone movie is. His answer, ladies and gentlemen, was Harry Potter...the Emma WATSON movie. Stone (bless her heart) cringed and responded, "Oh?"

Well, at least he didn't think she was Emma Thompson in Nanny McPhee, right?

And the next guy they talked to went on and on about how he thought La La Land wasn't all that great at first and said it would never win an Oscar, which yep, Moonlight did, as Stone will never not be reminded of.

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Basically, Stone isn't on Instagram and probably never will be on Instagram after talking to these very encouraging New Yorkers. Thanks, guys.


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