Emma Watson Is Not Dating Prince Harry, According To Emma Watson

Sorry to break it to you.

Today is a very, very sad day.

Emma Watson took to her Twitter account to slam rumors that she is dating Prince Harry. Because breaking news: SHE ISN'T.

And then she decides to be the best human ever by tweeting again: "Also....marrying a Prince not a prerequisite for being a Princess. Courtesy of Alfonso Cuaron." Then she proceeds to post a link from the best movie of all time, A Little Princess.

How did this start anyway? On February 23, Australian tabloid Woman's Day reported that Prince Harry sent the actress an email saying that he'd “like to get to know her,” following her breakup with Matthew Janney. So the prince planned an intimate party with some friends, where he invited Emmaand the two reportedly hit it off. The tabloid also said that the two have been going out on a lot of secret dates since then! But now we know that this is a bunch of bollocks and we are crushed. CRUSHED!

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It's alright, we'll get over this. *reaches for tissue*  Hopefully, this news will prompt Prince Harry to send Emma an actual email.

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