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8 ENHYPEN Songs You *Must* Listen To If You're A New Fan

Get ready to connect with the group!
8 Of ENHYPEN's Must-Listen Songs, With English Translations

Music transcends time and generations. There are no language and age requirements for you to enjoy listening to it. We appreciate the diversity and artistry in music because it allows us to understand ourselves, manage our emotions, and provide realizations. With this, the fourth generation K-pop group, ENHYPENjust like a hyphenis here to inspire you with Connection, Discovery, and Growth through their music.

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The septet debuted in November 2020 after being formed through the survival show, I-LAND. Despite competing with each other on the TV program, Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki proved that they can form a great group and their chemistry as ENHYPEN can capture a lot of Engenes’ (official fandom name) hearts. In just a year of being active in the industry, they have already achieved a lot and have become one of the rising K-pop groups that everyone should watch out for.

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If you're new to the fandom, here are eight ENHYPEN songs that you should add to your playlist:

1. "Given-Taken"

Let's start the list with the song that brought ENHYPEN to the K-pop scene. "Given-Taken" depicts the transition of a group from their trainees days to their newfound idol life. The track is inspiring in a sense that no matter how rough the road is, you just have to keep going to reach your goal. With stellar production and lyricism, indeed, "Given-Taken" is a masterpiece for a debut song.


Thousands of doubts behind me

More thousands of mistrust behind me

But I go now, follow my dreams

Drive through the question for life

2. "Fever"

People are obsessed with this track for a reason! With over 100 million streams on Spotify as of writing, "Fever" is one of the most-streamed songs by a fourth-generation K-pop group on the platform in 2021. Not to mention that it went viral on TikTok and even non-fans got hooked on its addictive melody. Yup, a b-side track did that!

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Eyes like ice, the bold eyes

Breaking me in two you shake me

When I stand in front of you sitting on the throne

The blazing flames inside me

3. "Just A Little Bit"

Have you ever felt the unexplainable excitement when you start catching feelings for someone? If your answer is yes, you will totally relate to "Just A Little Bit"! As endearing as the track's lyrics, ENHYPEN will make you feel even more in love with their soothing vocals showcased in this ballad. You won't just give them a bit of your loveyou will give them more!


Just like writing it lovingly

Read my heart hidden in a decorated smile

You put me in danger with that harmless face

I keep getting more curious about you

4. "Flicker"

Despite the fact that this song was already performed on I-LAND, it was still a huge surprise that "Flicker" made it to ENHYPEN's debut album, Border: Day One. This is the song that will get stuck in your head and you would want to put it on repeat. The only struggle you will experience is that it is a bit *short* since it's just a two-minute track.

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After sending a signal, I wait for you who will notice me

So that you can find me with the language of promise

We don’t need words for the signal that only you and I know

Connecting the world that was out of line

In the flickering moment

5. "Blockbuster" (feat. Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

If everything is possible in movies, why not manifest it in real life? "Blockbuster" is a song that promotes ~*main character behavior*~. It delivers a message that you just have to believe that you are capable of making things happen. Need one more reason to listen to this? Yeonjun of TXT participated in the track and this collaboration is pure *chef's kiss*!


Shake the world as I want it

Make things come true as I had dreams

Even if I do everything I want to

I survive until the end like a blockbuster

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6. "Forget Me Not"

"Forget Me Not" is the group's first Japanese song and has been picked as the opening theme for the animated series, Re-Main. It is also included in ENHYPEN's Japan debut EP, Border: Hakanai. With its youthful vibe, this song is definitely unforgettable.


To myself who’s a different person from yesterday

Shout to the sky today embrace tomorrow’s hope

Forget Me Not in your heart

7. "10 Months"

"10 months" will give you a different touch of ENHYPEN. Are we complaining? Nope, because we love duality! This feel-good track is perfect when you want to have a walk or take a morning jog. Its innocent sound is enjoyable and it reflects the stage performances of the group.


My body language is a bit awkward

The way I speak is a bit young

I know that it’s not reliable

But wait when my heart grows as tall as my height

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8. "Go Big Or Go Home"

This song is very easy to listen to in contrast to the difficulty of its choreography. "Go Big Or Go Home" is the group's take on the all-or-nothing perspective of today's younger generation. Hitting the jackpot is only possible if you are willing to take risks and this principle is pretty much applicable to many aspects of life.


I’m feeling lucky, I have a good feeling

And this pounding, feels alright

My destiny is been great with this kind of pain

Not all or nothing just shout it