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Enjoy A Teaser Of Nick Jonas's Sexy As Hell New Music Video For "Levels"

Did it just get really steamy in here?

​Last night when I saw the teaser for Taylor Swift's new video "Wildest Dreams," the .0005 seconds (or however long it was, please don't get pedantic with me) of her making out with Scott Eastwood—yes, this Scott Eastwood—was enough to make me blush. I don't know if I'm slowly turning Amish or what, but such is the state I am in when I watch these things. But DAMN that is really nothing compared to the all out sexified sexiness of this 15 seconds of Nick Jonas's new video for "Levels."

In the caption for the clip, Nick wrote "#Levels Music Video 8.30 #NJLevelsVMAs," which translated from Twitterese means the video will debut at the MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday, Aug. 30 (just like Taylor's).  Nick teased a more dance-y clip of the video a few days ago but this new version really gets to the fun parts you want to see.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to cuddle up with a big bottle of wine and this new clip on a loop forever and ever. 

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