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This Guy's Job Is To Carry A Huge Bag Of Condoms Around The Olympics

And tons for you, Glen Coco.
PHOTO: Twitter/Rodger Sherman

Each Olympic athlete was given 42 condoms to last them two full weeks in Rio, meaning there are 450,000 condoms total designated for all of this year's ~*Olympic Games*~. It's unclear if the condoms in the bag Eric is holding are in addition to that 450,000, but it's his job to distribute them regardless.

SB Nation editor Rodger Sherman wanted to speak with Eric and find out more about what his job entails, but alas.

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The International Olympic Committee announced this record-breaking distribution (only150,000 condoms were given out at London's 2012 Games) for Rio back in May, saying there would be condom dispensers scattered in the Olympic village as an added measure. There was no mention of people distributing condoms in giant sacks at that time.

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Are there any jokes that haven't been made yet about Olympic athletes and stamina? Or about Eric handing out condoms all "four for you, Glen Coco and, of course some for Gretchen Wieners, bye?" There haven't, right?

Can we leave it at this is cool and fun? This is cool and fun!

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