Erich Gonzales' Term Of Endearment For Daniel Matsunaga Is Adorable!

Hot news, headlines, and conversation starters on May 1, 2015.

1 Erich Gonzales wrote "Vou sentir a sua falta se cuida meu amor" ("I will miss you; take care, my love") on her Instagram photo (above) with Daniel Matsunaga. So are they an item?! There’s no official word on their status, but these two are REALLY close and cozy with each other. They even vacationed in Hong Kong last weekend! (PhilStar)#TGIFY or “Thank God I found you”

The "Spartan" with the "Spartan Baby"

2 Blake Lively almost had a wardrobe malfunction on live TV! She said she’s still getting used to her "breastfeeding boobs," which tend to increase in size when she doesn't get to pump—something that happened recently, since she's been busy promoting her new movie The Age of Adaline. She shared, "walked out onstage for one appearance in an outfit that had fit perfectly when I tried it on many hours earlier, but by the time it got on me, I thought, 'Oh, no! This isn’t going to cover them up at all!'" (People)

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3 Here’s a teaser for Rihanna’s Puma campaign! The pop star, who is also the brand’s creative director, looks AMAZING in her head-to-toe Puma outfit, like she’s about to show us her killer dance moves. Go, RiRi!

4 Jessie J has been angering her fans lately. The "Domino" singer suddenly unfollowed half of them on Twitter early this week, and these avid supporters took the move personally. They began calling her rude and ungrateful! Jessie’s response? Unfollowing EVERYONE and tweeting "Happy." (Mirror)

5 Oh no! Britney Spears fell onstage during her Las Vegas concert this past Wednesday! She had a bad step while dancing to "(You Drive Me) Crazy," and seemed to have twisted her ankle. It took a while for her to get back up, but Britney tweeted later on that she’s okay. She just had a little scare. Whew! (Cosmopolitan)

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