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Oops, Erwan Heussaff Almost Removed All His Facial Hair

He regales us with the whole story in a PSA for all the members of the #bulliedhusbandsclub.

 You know Erwan Heussaff, purveyor of #uglynutritious food, proud member of the #bulliedhusbandsclub, and bearer of a cute scruffy face. Now can you imagine if he shaved off *all* of his facial hair?

This is the kind of accident that could happen if you share a bathroom with a girl and dip into her beauty stash because you don’t have your own. In a #notsponsored post, Erwan shares a photo of the facial hair removal cream from wife Anne Curtis’ stash that almost got him.

Addressing the members of the #bulliedhusbandsclub, he says, “This product is badly designed for people like us. The first thing we see is FACE CREAM, which for most of us, is good enough. It then got confusing when I read 'for all hair types,’ thinking okay maybe it's for both hair and face moisturizing. I'm just thankful I saw the Hair Removal part before it was too late.”

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In conclusion, Erwan says, “I almost decimated my already struggling facial hair.” LOL!

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