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Erwan Heussaff And Nico Bolzico's Rap Battle Is The Funniest Thing Ever

PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Our Instagram feeds were blessed this evening, when Erwan Heusaff posted a glorious rap video dedicated to his brother-in-law, Nico Bolzico. Erwan even threw in some Spanish lyrics along with lines like “eeny meeny miney mo, catch a Nico by the toe.” He even snuck in a special appearance of Nico and Solenn’s beloved pupper, Pochola!

“I hate that it has come to do this @nicobolzico #thefatkidinsideproductions #50centavos #fluffdaddy #snoopaso #fourpac,” Erwan wrote in the caption.


Nico stood up to the challenge by making his own vid a few hours later, featuring Solenn doing some seriously funny moves in her swimwear. “I guess you saw the rap challenge of @erwan, super cool I must say, so what you do when you lack the talent and resources? ... Call back up from #Sosbolzproducciones In collaboration with #sosbolzproducciones, we decided to answer the rap with some poetry! Something that you forgot in your video Erwan, is the sexy women dancing in the back; as can be seen, at #sosbolzproducciones we have lot of that, maybe too much and to intense! This segment is called #RapoetringWithBolz ... We do birthdays, weddings and funerals! #maybeyouwonthisbattleerwanbutthewarislonglike2yearslong,” he wrote.

Some of our favorite lines from Nico’s rap were:

“You think you are the one, but in order to breathe, you need permission from Anne.”

“You always work out, especially in the afternoon, but what people what to know is why did you tattoo yourself a spoon?”

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“Your sister I married and she makes me unrelaxed. But let me just tell you, you’re still the best Heussaff.” (Solenn wasn’t very happy about this one!)

Nico also returned the favor and inserted some Filipino lines in his rap, but you’ll have to watch the video below to find out what he said:


One of the funniest parts in this whole exchange came from Anne Curtis herself, who commented on Erwan’s post with: “Still love you anyway” and “Buti na lang we sing alike.” Belle Daza also left a comment on Erwan’s post: “The worst part is you think you’re actually good.” LOL!

Of course, Solenn couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post a blooper video of Nico’s video: “While he calls himself a bullied husband, this is really what happens at home. He grabs me from my alone time tanning sesh to be props to his revenge rap video to my brother Erwan. This is take 5 cause he couldn’t be a pro and keep a straight face.”


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