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Erwan To Nico: 'Stop posting about sexy time'

Uh-oh! Bro-in-law doesn't approve!

It's no secret that Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are one of the most entertaining and endearing couples on social media with their candid posts of their hilarious married life. But funnyman Nico may have crossed the line this time—at least according to his brother-in-law, Erwan Heussaff.

Nico's recent IG post of his wifezilla had her sleeping solo on their bed, surrounded by pillows and with a sleep mask on. Nico's caption read: "Wow! Came home to this! I guess no sexy time tonight! Sleeping in the dog house again!"


Erwan then went on to reply: "Stop posting about sexy time." LOL!

After Erwan's comment, Solenn also replied with a sassy retort:

Nico joked back by saying that the Heussaffs are ganging up on him:

watch now

This isn't the first time Erwan has reacted to his brother-in-law's posts about "sexy time." So, Nico, you might want to tone it down next time. Or not.