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Guys, Solenn And Erwan Heussaff Are Involved In A Hilarious Instagram War!

Erwan jokingly called Solenn and Nico 'serial killers!'
PHOTO: Instagram/erwan

Don't you just love the relationship between sibs Solenn and Erwan Heussaff? I mean, they're not afraid to make fun of each other and they recently competed in this awesome cookie bake-off. Erwan also has this TDF relationship with brother-in-law and business partner Nico Bolzico. One of their best ventures? Co-founding the Bullied Husbands' Club

The latest news? Erwan (who recently got a Korean-inspired makeover) posted a series of photos about Nico and Solenn on Instagram Stories! The first image said, "Perspective: Seeing the same thing, from two different angles. Click for example." 

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What followed was a photo of Nico and Solenn in Portugal, and Erwan added the hashtag "#couplegoals." Awww, sweet! 

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He posted another photo from a ~different perspective~ that gave us a whole lot of laughs, because Erwan decided to zoom in, crop the photo, and caption it with: "Serial killers." Look at those smiles! 

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Okay, so we fully expected Nico to reply, but guess who did? Erwan's older sister Solenn! "Revenge will be sweet," Solenn wrote, while tagging Erwan. "So sweet." Check out these throwback photos of Erwan himself: 

Solenn then proceeded to post a video of Anne Curtis from her wedding to Erwan and added Instagram's zuperzoom feature, with matching *scary* sound effects.  

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So far, Anne and Nico aren't part of this ~Instagram war~ yet, but I guess we'll see!

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