Erwan Heussaff Posted A Funny Chat With Anne Curtis From 2010

Those chat names!
PHOTO: Instagram/erwan

Erwan Heussaff has just revealed a funny conversation he had with Anne Curtis in June 2010, the year they were first rumored to be dating. The conversation happened on BlackBerry Messenger, a messaging application available on BlackBerry devices. 

Erwan shared the conversation as a caption for his latest Instagram post, which is a photo of him lifting his happy wife. The photo was posted today, June 10. 

Before sharing the conversation, Erwan wrote his top five realizations when he saw the old chat thread:

"1. Our nicknames were annoying. (Yes, these were self-selected)
2. Emojis weren't as sophisticated as they are now.
3. The way to a woman's heart is clearly through the stomach.
4. It's always the man's fault, even if he is just trying to help out.
5. Always back up all your conversations on [a] drive; you never know when you'll want to read them again for a good laugh."

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The conversation did elicit a good laugh from us! Check it out:

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The hashtag #bulliedhusbandsclub is often used by Nico Bolzico, the husband of Erwan's sister, Solenn Heussaff.

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