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Everyone Thinks Taylor Swift Made A Dig At Katy Perry During A Performance Of "Bad Blood"

But DID she?

The internet is in total "WOMEN FEUDING" themed meltdown today, after Taylor Swift seemed to make a dig at Katy Perry on stage. Or, so people think.

Here's the deal. While performing on stage in Foxborough, Massachusetts, over the weekend as part of her 1989 tour, Taylor of course performed her latest single, "Bad Blood." If you didn't know, that song is rumored to be based on Katy Perry, who Taylor used to be BFFs with, and then, well, wasn't.

Last week, after a lull, the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry awkwardness flared up again. Nicki Minaj's important discussion on race got interrupted by Taylor, who perceived the Twitter comments as a dig at her success. She apologized for misspeaking, but not before Katy Perry could get involved. Katy tweeted: "Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman..." Which pretty much confirms that yep, "Bad Blood" is a Katy Perry diss track.

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Okay. So that takes us up to this weekend, when during that onstage performance of "Bad Blood," one of Taylor's backing dancers held up a shark puppet. Taylor laughed. THE DRAMA.

If you don't see the "wow, what a burn" undertones, think back to a few months ago, when Katy Perry performed at the Super Bowl. Her performance was stolen by none other than a backing dancer, affectionately known on the internet as LEFT SHARK. Shark. Katy Perry. "Bad Blood." Are you getting it?

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Just to get further into the conspiracy, guess what the catalyst of the Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift battle was? BACKING DANCERS. Apparently Katy stole three of Taylor's dancers before a big show. And now one of Taylor's backing dancers is subtly referencing one of Katy's backing dancers. SO MANY LAYERS OF COMPLEXITY.

The internet freaked out, with a ton of people seeing all these connections and accusing Taylor Swift of bashing Katy Perry onstage.

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But let's all take a moment here, breathe, and reflect.

According to Taylor's fans, the moment wasn't shade-filled at ALL. Apparently, whenever Taylor performs "Bad Blood" onstage, one of her dancers will do something weird to surprise her, or make her laugh. That's why she looked back at the glass at that exact moment. Which explains it somewhat.

Of course, that could still mean that the backing dancer was making a reference to Katy Perry, given all the shark-themed context, and the recency of the latest social media spat. Or that Taylor Swift pre-planned her own surprise joke just to make the smallest, most easily missed dig at Katy Perry ever. It's possible.

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