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Ex-Whistleblower Sandra Cam Allegedly Threw A Fit At NAIA

It may be recalled that she also ran for senator in 2016.

Sandra Cam is back in the news for allegedly causing a scene at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). For those who don't know, Cam is best known for being a whistleblower.

InterAksyon recalls, "Cam's rise to fame came in 2005 when she exposed alleged jueteng operations in Bicol, accusing former Reps. Juan Miguel 'Mikey' Arroyo and Ignacio 'Iggy' Arroyo Jr. of getting kickbacks from jueteng under the protection of the former regional police director, retired Chief Supt. Restituto Mosqueda." Cam was supposedly a bagwoman in the said operation.

Cam also ran for senator in 2016. Back then, she declared, "Ako po ay lumalaban sa pagkasenador dahil gusto ko lang po na magkaroon ng tunay na boses ang masang Pilipino sa Senado (I am running for senator because I just want the Filipino masses to have a true voice in the Senate)."

However, she wasn't exactly the voice of the masses during her airport meltdown. The incident report was only recently obtained by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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In her March 11 Inquirer report, Jeannette I. Andrade reveals, "Last February 16, Cam blew her top at NAIA when she was not accorded the VIP treatment she had expected. Her outburst was apparently triggered by the failure of a twentysomething airport employee to recognize her and know why she was at the VIP lounge."

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As part of airport protocol, the female Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) employee asked Cam for a government ID so she could fill out a "meet and assist" form. The MIAA employee assumed that Cam was a government official, as she was escorted by a member of the NAIA Airport Police Department to the VIP lounge.

Cam did not have any IDs with her. She only had a credit card with her name on it. Thus, she reportedly told the MIAA worker in Filipino, "I don't have a government ID but in three months, I will be a member of the Cabinet."

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Hearing this, the MIAA employee was prompted to inform Cam about the terms of use of the VIP lounge. Apparently, it includes a fee of P1,120. which can be waived as a matter of courtesy for government officials. The problem was that the MIAA employee really had no way of knowing this.

Thus, the MIAA worker asked Cam to sign a document for record purposes and reminded that the fee also had to be paid. That was when Cam got irked. She pointed out to the MIAA worker she was "escorted to the VIP lounge by the police because she was a 'high-risk person.'" She also questioned why she had to pay for just sitting in the VIP lounge.

The report notes: "Cam demanded to see the manager. The VIP lounge manager listened to Cam's complaint about how 'arrogant' and 'snobbish' the MIAA employee was."

Cam went on to shout these words at the MIAA employee in Filipino: "You know, hija, I was on the phone. Do you know who I was talking to? I was talking to Bong Go. Do you know me? If you don't, search me on Google. I told you already I had no government ID because in three months I would be a member of the Cabinet."

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Go is the special assistant of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Despite the apologies made by the MIAA employee and the VIP lounge manager, Cam also added, "I am a former flight attendant and that is not how you approach passengers. The reason I was put here (VIP lounge) is because I might get shot outside. Can you give me protection?"

The Inquirer, citing the incident report, related that "Cam then took the manager's ID as well as that of the young woman's and took pictures of them using her mobile phone." Then, instead of handing back the young woman's ID, Cam was said to have tossed it on the floor.

The Inquirer said that they "tried to reach Cam through her mobile phone to get her side of the story but she did not answer the paper's calls and text messages."