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EXO's 'Obsession' Is Billboard's Best K-Pop Song Of 2019

Proof that these industry veterans are still reigning supreme.

K-pop has undeniably solidified its global influence in the past decade, with 2019 being one of its most game-changing years. As we enter the "Fourth Wave of K-Pop," Billboard looked back on the Top 25 singles that stood out the most in 2019 and gave the number one spot to EXO's "Obsession."

The boy group has been in the industry for seven years and still continue to release fresh and totally unique music. "Obsession," which is the carrier single of their sixth full album of the same name, is a powerful EDM track with deliberate and repetitive auto-tuning. It sounds a bit jarring at first but only gets better and addictive after each play. "Obsession" also launched one of the darkest concepts EXO has explored so far and their MV showcased glorious battles between EXO and their ~evil alter-egos~ aka X-EXO.

1. "Obsession" by EXO

Making up the Top 25 songs of 2019 are:

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2. "%% (Eung Eung)" by Apink

3. "Gotta Go" by Chung Ha

4. "9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)" by TXT

5. "We Don't Talk Together (feat. Giriboy)" by Heize

6. "You Calling My Name" by GOT7

7. "How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love" by AKMU

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8. "Twit" by Hwasa

9. "Lion" by (G)I-dle

10. "Miroh" by Stray Kids

11. "No" by CLC

12. "Rooftop" by N.Flying

13. "Say My Name" by ATEEZ

14. "Fancy" by TWICE

15. "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" by BTS

16. "Highway to Heaven" by NCT 127

17. "What You Waiting For" by R.Tee & Anda

18. "Psycho" by Red Velvet

19. "Blueming" by IU

20. "Dalla Dalla" by ITZY

21. "Kill This Love" by BLACKPINK

22. "Breathe" by AB6IX

23. "Fear" by SEVENTEEN

24. "DDING" by Jvcki Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum & Han Yo Han

25. "Jopping" by SuperM

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