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10 EXO Songs That Will Make You An EXO-L In No Time

Buckle up for a ~cosmic ride~ to EXO Planet!
13 EXO Songs You *Must* Listen To If You're A New Fan
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When we talk about K-pop, it's always nice to see talented personalities make their way to the top. But it's also a pleasure to meet a seasoned group who still reinvents themselves and brings something new to the table—and a perfect example of this is EXO.

The group made its highly-anticipated debut in April 2012 and has become the blueprint of the superpower concept in the K-pop world. With solid vocals, diverse discography, stable live performances, memorable OSTs, and heavenly visuals, it's undeniable that they tick all the boxes everyone looks for in a group. No matter what your mood is, EXO has a song for you that we found it challenging to cut this list down!

Here are 10 songs that will make you see EXO from a fresh perspective:

  1. "The Eve"

    "The Eve" effortlessly makes itself the perfect opener for EXO's fourth album, The War. With its addictive instrumentals backed with soothing vocals and slick choreography, it instantly became a hit among fans, non-fans, and other K-pop idols. In fact, they even shared their entries for the viral dance craze! "The Eve" is about stepping out of the night's shadows, and waiting for a brand new day for the darkness to fade away into new beginnings.

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    The moment soft lights spread out

    And chases away the darkness

    We must wake up again

    [EXO - The Eve] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170720 EP.533

  2. "Monster"

    This powerful title track from their fifth album EX'ACT will ~creep in your heart~ with its sick beats and dope choreography.  Although the MV shows them as rugged (and gorgeous) soldiers fighting those who threaten them, the lyrics tell us about a dark and obsessive love that's hard to give up. Imagine them getting head over heels for you! That's right, our type.


    I'm creeping in your heart babe

    I'll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up

    I'll steal you and indulge in you

    EXO 'Monster' MV

  3. "Tempo"

    Dubbed by fans as South Korea's "Bohemian Rhapsody," it's safe to say that "Tempo" is one of the best K-pop songs. This masterpiece from their album Don't Mess Up My Tempo has a whole lot of variety in itself—from the wide range of genres to the excellent harmonies of the members. On top of that, the parts are equally distributed, allowing everyone to shine. Who wouldn't want that? And did someone say acapella? As a bridge to this funky and jazzy track? We also found it insane that we can almost hear Chen's "I can't believe" in a distance! Hands down to our vocal kings.

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    Listen, this will be enough

    I said don't mess up my tempo

    This beat will steal her heart

    It's one of a kind

    EXO 'Tempo' MV

  4. "Obsession"

    EXO battling against their evil twin, X-EXØ—what a concept! The club-banger with repetitive "I want you" through the verses are truly earworms that will make you obsessed with this song. Warning: When watching the MV, beware of crop tops and mind-blowing visuals. *winks*


    One night, what I saw in the darkness

    Was the strange shadow that chased me after

    The turned-on exit light

    Is me looking at myself in the mirror

    EXO 'Obsession' MV

  5. "Growl"

    Who would forget the song that took South Korea by storm? "Growl" is a catchy title track from their 2013 album XOXO, with an engaging and spontaneous melody that instantly hooks the listener on their first try. It's no surprise it's still charting eight years after its release! One word: Iconic.

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    Everyone step away from her

    It’s going to get fierce from now on

    EXO (Growl) MV (Korean Ver.)

  6. "Peter Pan"

    From the same album is a B-side track that gets more interesting the more you listen to it. The youthful vibe and mystical theme of "Peter Pan" added with heartwarming lyrics are like a hug on cold nights. Fun fact: This remains as one of our fandom's favorites, as EXO-Ls refer to themselves as Tinkerbells who'll stay beside their Peter Pans (EXO) even if the latter find their own Wendys. *wipes tears*


    I'm am your eternal Peter Pan

    Your man who has stopped in time

    (Peter Pan)

  7. "Call Me Baby"

    Despite unending media coverage that made it seem they never left the spotlight, EXO came back with "Call Me Baby" as their lead single for the 2015 album EXODUS. This track showcases their fluid and smooth verses that'll eventually make you and your friends' heads bob while on a car ride.

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    In this shaking world

    The only one who became my light

    It's you


  8. "Playboy"

    Gifted by SHINee’s Jonghyun, the said track is a B-side from the same album that tells us about a chic and cold playboy. This is such a sexy bop with remarkable guitar use and impressive harmonies by the members. Kai's "Hey, Playboy" at the start of the song will surely leave every strand of hair on your body standing. *blush intensifies*


    Like I said, the main game didn’t even start yet

    Push and pull me even more


  9. "Paradise"

    From the highly anticipated OT9 special album Don't Fight The Feeling, "Paradise" is a song that's greatly recommended for fans of R&B. It paints a picture of a person hopelessly in love, and calling any place wherever their partner is as ~paradise.~


    You alone are enough, I don't need the sun to shine

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  10. "For Life"

    "For Life" is one of those songs you can't help but listen to on a bus ride while gazing longingly at the window on rainy days. It has a simple, compelling melody with an impact that lingers to the listener's emotions. D.O. also did a soulful English version performance of this song as his solo and gift to fans in their concert.


    Giving you my heart and soul

    Because you’re my everything in life, for life

    EXO 'For Life' MV

We really get the best of all worlds through EXO's music! And everything will be more interesting, especially since their 10th anniversary is just around the corner.


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