Facebook Adds A Food Delivery Feature And More!

FB's taking over the world, you guys.
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Once again, Facebook is proving it has the staying power that other social media platforms don’t have. Remember Friendster? Myspace? Multiply? Facebook adapts to the users’ needs, and we’re impressed by how it knows just how lazy we’ve all gotten. LOL!

Last week, Facebook announced that its new features would let users tap into their connections in a way that helps increase awareness and exposure of nearby events, local businesses, and potential recommendations. But what does that really mean?

You know how when you’re looking for a new café or restaurant, and you post a Facebook status asking for suggestions? Facebook’s new tool will help you organize those recommendations. You’ll be able to see them mapped out and saved in one place, instead of having to dig for them in your timeline.

Users will also be able to order food from businesses with Facebook pages that use certain delivery websites and systems. Plus, requesting for salon appointments and movie tickets will be much easier.

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These features and updates are already available in the U.S. so we’re excited to see how and when they’ll be applied to the rest of the world.


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