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10 Things You Definitely Need To Know About 'Girl From Nowhere'

Yup, the episodes are inspired by real events and news reports.
Facts about Girl From Nowhere, Nanno

*April 19, 2021 Update*

I don't know about you, but I'm honestly sooo excited for Girl From Nowhere Season 2! Netflix announced that it will be dropping on May 7, and Nanno will be back with "a new boyfriend, new friend, and new lessons that will satisfy anyone who's been a victim." Netflix tells us: "In Season 2, Nanno tackles even bigger social injustices that take her beyond school grounds. But, this time, she is no longer the only vigilante around as another enigmatic girl follows in her shadow, forcing her to face her greatest challenge yet." 

In Girl From Nowhere, a mysterious and *sometimes creepy* girl named Nanno (played by Kitty Chicha Amatayakul) transfers to different schools, where she "exposes the lies and misdeeds of the students and faculty at every turn." In preparation for the much-awaited second season, here are 10 facts and trivia about the show. 

Here are 10 facts about Girl From Nowhere (also known as Dek Mai): 

1. Kitty says that if you take Nanno out of the picture, all the episodes of Girl From Nowhere Season 1 were inspired by real events. They were based on news reports that happened in Thailand. 

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2. Kitty says it was hard to portray Nanno because she isn't human. The actress did a lot of workshops such as trying not to breathe too much because: "When we were trying to create this character, we believe that since she's like a demigod or something like that, she won't need to eat anything, she won't need to drink, no need to sleep or even breathe." 

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3. Nanno's creepy hair-twirling habit was totally deliberate, and Kitty says she saw characters do it when reading manga and watching anime. 


4. According to Kitty, Nanno is like the daughter of Satan. "We were referencing this snake in Eden, like giving out apples to humans and trying to see [whether] they will be good enough to ignore it or not." She also described Nanno as a "b*tch" and a "demon" during her guesting in the online Thai show Loukgolf's English Room

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5. The initial plan was for Kitty to have a stand-in for the violent scenes, like when Nanno was killed and buried, but Kitty wanted to do them herself! According to Kitty, she wanted it to be "more natural and real."

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6. Kitty says one fictional character that would be similar to Nanno is the lead in the manga and anime Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). In Jigoku Shoujo, there's a website where people can type in the name of a person they want to get rid of and a girl named Enma Ai will "bring that person to hell," in exchange for something important, of course. 

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7. The show has "Death Note" references (especially that episode with hate writings on the bathroom walls). Kitty once said that if Nanno had a role in Death Note, she would be "the one creating Death Note in the first place." 

8. Kitty says Nanno is like the voice in her head: "But I'm not sure if she's the angel or the demon telling me to do things...I think she's like everyone's ego, she's the one inside your mind who knows what's wrong and what's right. And she decides if someone does something wrong to us...what they deserve." In short, Nanno is everyone's dark side! 

9. Kitty actually recorded a theme song for the show. You can watch the official music video below: 

10. The song from Nanno's dance scene (which has sparked maaany parodies) in Season 1 is called "La Femme Resort!"

Bonus: Some of Kitty's personal favorite foreign movies are Requiem For A DreamLost In Translation, and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. For more facts about Kitty, click here

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