A Fake Site Spreads Crazy News About Pia Wurtzbach

Some people still got duped by it.
PHOTO: Instagram/Pia Wurtzbach

Despite repeated reminders to be more discerning about what they see online, some people still fall for the stories churned out by fake news sites.

On Sunday, October 23, several Facebook users shared a story with this fake headline: "Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach arrested at Kuala Lumpur Airport with 10 kg of cocaine." It also featured Pia's picture.

The story was published on a website with a deceptively official-sounding name, News24-TV. We clicked on the website's information page and it claimed to be part of a TV network based in Cologne, Germany. Of course, we doubt this claim.

Esther Swan of the Miss Universe Organization got wind of the fake news and posted a clarification on her Facebook page. "Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, has never been to Malaysia and has been working in the States for the past week," she wrote.

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