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Fans Are Livid Because The 2019 K-Pop Superconcert Was Postponed 3 Days Before The Event

They're sharing their feels through #RAMFSCAM!
PHOTO: Twitter/ysa4winner

Imagine getting all excited to see your favorite idol group perform live: You've purchased your concert ticket, your flight has been booked, and the Airbnb you'll be staying at has been confirmed. But, suddenly, that happiness is taken away from you. The event WILL NOT BE PUSHING THROUGH, and you aren't given a clear reason why!  

That's exactly what happened to fans of K-pop groups Mamamoo, WINNERAB6IX, Oh My Girl, former 2NE1 member Park Bom, and more. On September 18, just three days before the much-awaited 2019 K-Pop Superconcert, event organizer Rainbows in Asia Music Festival (RAMF) announced that the show has been postponed. Here's the ~official~ announcement from the CEO of Phil Kor 301, the event's Korean promoter

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Twitter stans are talking about the issue through the hashtag #RAMFSCAM, calling out the company for its "disorganized" and "rushed" promotion of the event, and for the fact that the announcement video was taken using a phone

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Although tickets were promised to be refunded, fans are determined to demand compensation for booked accommodations and flights for the concert! We talked to Twitter users @JinHoonMinKang and @winnerwhore, and they shared that fans from Visayas, Mindanao, Korea, Thailand, and China are due to arrive for the September 21 event. The different fandoms also rented vans and shuttles for everyoneall paid for already! 

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Fans are especially mad at one of the Filipino organizers, who was reportedly rude to everyone, and who deactivated her account following the announcement. They're sharing *receipts* of their exchanges with her, and...whoa: 

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We sincerely hope this issue gets resolved soon! 

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