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8 K-Drama OSTs That Will Definitely Cheer You Up

For that instant serotonin boost!
Feel-good K-drama OSTs

Isn't it amazing how we can always rely on music to ~lift~ our spirits? When I'm sad, some songs just hit the spot and can make me feel good in a snap. Sometimes it's the lyrics, other times it's the high-energy components that are guaranteed to make me sway my head to the beat. There are lots of K-pop songs that cheer me up and K-drama official soundtracks (OSTs) are no different!

If you're looking for the motivation to start your day, here are eight K-drama OSTs I highly recommend for you to listen to:

1. "Start Over" by Gaho (Itaewon Class)

Try listening to the first few seconds of this song and you will already feel like you're all set to take on the world! As much as how Itaewon Class never fails to inspire me every time I re-watch it, "Start-Over" is also consistent in encouraging me to keep going forward. This OST is played every time Park Saeroyi is about to get back on his feet and it's the *perfect* alarm ringtone to wake you up in the morning!


The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

I'll have everything I want
Because that's my dream
Nothing's changed
Hang in there
My dream will be stronger
I'll start again

2. "Running" by Gaho (Start-Up)

Count on Gaho to deliver the most empowering K-drama OSTs talaga! The track starts with a mellow guitar strum that paces to a raging chorus and yes—you will want to ~run~ (after your dreams) after listening to this. Before I start writing my to-do list for work, I blast "Running" on my speakers and tie my hair up in a ponytail like Seo Dal Mi! Here's to hoping we all get a ~mentor~ like Han Ji Pyeong someday. <3

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

A perspective different from others
Days where I'm once again falling behind
On the contrary, I am getting up and running

3. "Will Be" by The Boyz (Racket Boys)

A recent gem that I found is the coming-of-age K-drama Racket Boys and I'm happy that I also discovered its upbeat OST! What I love about this song is how it reminds you to always show up whatever happens because everything else will follow. Totally like how Yoon Hae Kang and his badminton barkada would always do it!

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The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

I will be there, let’s start now
Because nothing is ever decided
Someday, the time will come

4. "Lighting Up Your World" by Janet Suhh (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

If you want something that's a *calmer* version of a motivational song, "Lighting Up Your World" is your best choice. I'm always taken to that healing scene of the Moon brothers and Ko Mun Yeong where they're just happy together! Like how the title suggests, this OST lightens up my world once I play it on Spotify. Lyrics-wise, it's like a BFF turned into a song. I mean, look:

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

Now we think the same
No worries on our ways
And I could tell you now
We're always having each other
And we think the same
My world is always you

5. "Bravo, My Life" by Eric Nam (Prison Playbook)

Here's a composition by the incredibly talented Eric Nam (P.S: you should listen to his entire discography!): "Bravo, My Life" is that one track that will comfort you when you finish crying your eyes out, You know, when just took a deep breath and you're feeling inspired again. Every time "Bravo, My Life" is played in a Prison Playbook scene, I always get the goosebumps (and become emotional) because it fits the moment so well. It's that hauntingly beautiful!


The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

There wasn't even a sunset this evening
I'm sure tomorrow will be cloudy too
There will be hardships too
In this big world
But I'll still go forward
Wherever I go, there's a way

6. "Me To You, You To Me" by Mido and Falasol (Hospital Playlist)

It's already a given that the Hospital Playlist playlist is amazing as a whole, but if I were to pick one song that puts a smile on my face, that would be "Me To You, You To Me." IDK but it's like a childhood friend speaking to me and we're reminiscing our high school days. For someone who gets nostalgic from time to time, this particular OST just sounds and feels like home, especially with the musical instruments present in the track.

P.S: Another Hospital Playlist OST that will cheer you up is "Superstar."

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 


I hope that, to you, I will become
A perfect piece of memory like a sunset
And will remain without regrets like a picture
Oh that reminds you of our precious green days

7. "From Now On" by Kim Min Seung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

This OST sounds so youthful and fun, you'll be snapping your fingers in no time! "From Now On" is a bubblegum pop that's refreshing to the ears and I always imagine I'm under a cherry blossom tree in Seoul whenever I listen to it. Sobrang feel-good lang niya similar to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! Plus, the kilig is here to stay thanks to the main leads. <3

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

Follow the rainbow in the sky after it rains
To the great days ahead
We are looking, let’s start
When things get hard, who cares if we give up and go back one step?
We can take two steps forward tomorrow


8. "Romantic Sunday" by Car, The Garden (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha)

More than the lyrics, it's the overall vibe of "Romantic Sunday" that will have you singing the chorus in no time. My day is not complete without listening to this OST and for some reason, it makes me feel that everything in this world will turn out just fine. I also can't help but imagine that I'm by the beach whenever I play this song! Fun fact: "Romantic Sunday" is actually a cover of the 2007 hit by JISLAND!

The lyrics that will resonate with you: 

La la la la la la la
It’s a beautiful and shining day

This melody resembles the wind
A sweet whistling sound

La la la la la la la
All I need is your love

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