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10 K-Pop Songs That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Feel-good K-pop songs

What do you usually do when you're feeling ~blue~? Personally, I would listen to the K-pop songs on my curated Spotify playlist, and voila—my mood completely *transforms*. They're my instant serotonin boost if you will! Whether it's the empowering lyrics or the overall vibe, the tracks never fail to cheer me up.

Feeling uninspired today? Listen to these K-pop songs that are guaranteed to make you feel good in a snap:

1. "Marathon" by DAY6

Why it will brighten your day: The message of this song is the best giveaway here apart from DAY6's powerful vocals! It's a great reminder that taking breaks is important, and you don't have to rush in order for you to get where you want to be. Keep this in mind: It's okay to be slow!

2. "Dolphin" by OH MY GIRL

Why it will brighten your day: If you're looking for a song that will *transport* you to the beach, this would be it. "Dolphin" transforms you to a place where sand is on your feet, the vast ocean is right in front of you, and a glass of ice-cold juice is by your side as you chill under the get the idea.

3. "DINOSAUR" by Akdong Musician

Why it will brighten your day: When it comes to feel-good tracks, Akdong Musician doesn't disappoint! The sibs are always ready with mood-boosters and "DINOSAUR" is a perfect example. You have to listen to "Give Love" and "200%", too!

4. "Hold" by WINNER

Why it will brighten your day: The lyrics! The beat! The choreography! THE MUSIC VIDEO!! Seriously, everything about this song just spells fun and exciting that it won't be long before you start doing the finger dance on your table. 


5. "Rollin'" by Brave Girls

Why it will brighten your day: It took four years before "Rollin'" topped the charts and I'm glad that the world finally recognized it! The song is LSS-inducing and will have you humming the chorus 24/7 (based on personal experience).

6. "Sunset Glow'" by BIGBANG

Why it will brighten your day: "Sunset Glow" will literally make you feel like it's sunset time and you're all set for a night of partying! The chorus is easy to sing along to and you will want to scream your lungs out once you hear it. Sorry, neighbors.

7. "Love Myself'" by BTS

Why it will brighten your day: Let me just leave these meaningful lines right here and remember them when life isn't so good:

The thick tree rings in your life, 

It’s part of you, it’s you

Now let’s forgive ourselves

Our lives are long, trust yourself when you're in a maze

When winter passes, spring always comes

8. "Pretty U" by SEVENTEEN

Why it will brighten your day: Just like what the title suggests, "Pretty U" will make you feel...pretty! No kidding: It gives off a feeling where the person you like confesses their love for you, and you're the most beautiful girl in the world. *flips hair*

9. "Wind flower" by MAMAMOO

Why it will brighten your day: Trust an empowering girl group like MAMAMOO to deliver an equally empowering song! What I love the most about "Wind flower" is its versatility—it can be about love, or can also serve as a motivation to ~get better day by day~.

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10. "Highway To Heaven" by NCT 127

Why it will brighten your day: With the pandemic taking a toll on us, one of the ways we can reminisce about the good times is by listening to songs. "Highway To Heaven" feels like a throwback to the memories we had with friendswhere you would drive around town or just hang out with each other.

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