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10 Feel-Good K-Pop Songs For Your South Korea Trip

PHOTO: (LEFT) Youtube/SMTOWN, (RIGHT) Spotify

No trip is ever finalized without a list. From the documents you need for your visa to your in-depth itinerary (plus all the K-beauty products that you're dying to hoard since forever)—the list goes on and on to remind you of your to-dos before setting on an adventure. But just when you thought you're all set for your upcoming getaway to the Land of the Morning Calm, life tells you that you forgot one more thing. Hear us out when we say this: Having a playlist during your South Korea trip will make your stay even more fun and memorable.

Listening to a handful of songs the moment you step on the plane or stroll the streets of Seoul will not only immortalize your entire travel but will also uplift your mood. Imagine hearing a track that's so good you feel like screaming for joy, or coming back home with the memories of Myeongdong in a song—that for sure is enough to warm your heart over and over again. No matter the season, here's a playlist of feel-good K-pop songs for your South Korea trip that will leave you ~feeling alive~!

1. "Starlight" by Taeyeon, Dean

Of all the good collaborations out there, "Starlight" is probably one of the best. Taeyeon's mesmerizing voice paired with Dean's smooth vocals is the perfect track to listen to upon hopping on your plane to South Korea. The first few notes will give you the feeling of a whole new world that awaits to be discovered. Just like the lyrics, this song will leave you daydreaming as it also leaves a smile on your face while you look at the clouds through your window.


“You are my starlight, you shine on my heart

When we're together, it feels like I'm dreaming all day"

2. "Travel" by Bolbbalgan4

While in a bus (or subway) on your way to your first destination (like Nami Island), listen to Bolbbalgan4's "Travel", a fresh and wonderfully-arranged bubblegum pop song that gives a slice of spring and summer. The duo doesn't disappoint in inspiring its listener with a song that will urge you to take a break, escape the ordinary and travel the world (in this case, SoKor). The lyrics are as comforting as it sounds, and the music video is fun and vibrant, too!

"I'm gonna rest, I'm gonna leave

I'm turning off my laptop, please don't hold onto me

Even if you shout loudly, I can't help it

I'll lightly wave my hand, see ya"

3. "Days Gone By" by DAY6

DAY6's hit track "Days Gone By" sounds and feels like being back in the '80s—only better. Watch as your head bops and swing to the beat with its upbeat and retro vibe, and reminisce the good, ol' memories where happy days are made of. Put your earphones on, walk the streets of Hongdae, and look for a quirky coffee shop while listening to this song.

"Everything was beautiful

There was no sad day"

4. "Wanna Be (My Baby)" by Wanna One

Be swooned by the captivating voices of the Nation's Boy Group with "Wanna Be (My Baby)", a track that sounds a bit mellow at first, but eventually brings so much energy the more you listen to it. Beam in delight and get ~*kilig*~ as you do some serious shopping in Myeongdong, be amazed by the lines of stores, and hunt for K-pop merch of your fave idols (like a Wanna One album!).

watch now

"I can't explain it all with words

I keep smiling

Where did this feeling come from?"

5. "Touch" by NCT 127

A great way to start your day is to turn the volume up in your room with a track that will excite you for your trip to Lotte World (or Everland). "Touch" is an ear-tickling bop that's easy to love and listen to. It wakes you up in the most soothing way possible, and prepares you for fun walks at the park. Everything about this song is sweet and playful, and the mostly-pastel-hued music video will inspire you to put on a pastel-hued OOTD, too!

"Even I'm shocked over how I'm being, it's true

My feet won't listen

And keeps following you"

6. "Good Day" by BTS

BTS is widely known for their deep and meaningful songs, and "Good Day" is one example that you shouldn't miss out on. The Japanese track by the South Korean global sensation speaks of a brighter tomorrow that will heal all your worries. When you're finally atop N Seoul Tower, put this song on, appreciate all the good people and things in your life, and look forward to a good day.

"One day it'll be a good day, for sure

You won't be alone, always

I'll be by your side; we'll be okay"

7. "Lucky" by EXO

A classic gem from 2013, "Lucky" by EXO is a love song dedicated to their fans, EXO-Ls, who bring out the best in them. Be in high spirits while listening to this track as you witness the sunrise by Haeundae Beach and bask in all its glory. The notes are comforting yet revitalizing and will let you realize how lucky you are right now to have your dream turned into reality.


"Is the sky's sunlight only shining on you? Can you be that dazzling?

So lucky, my love

So lucky to have you"

8. "Sunset Glow" by BIGBANG

The Kings of K-pop impeccably did justice when they covered Lee Moon Sae's "Sunset Glow". This iconic track is bursting with so much feel-good vibes laced in its melody, that endorphins in your body are probably dancing by now. Listen to this when the day slowly shifts into dusk and prepares you for the lively Dongdaemun Night Market (street food, anyone?).

"But I have no regret

Just burn bright

So I can just gaze (at you)"

9. "One More Chance" by Super Junior

A heartfelt, sentimental effort from the legends in the K-pop industry, "One More Chance" is the best song to listen to while riding a bike and enjoying the breathtaking night view of the Han River and the Banpo Bridge. The music video is aesthetically-pleasing similar to the stunning scenery you'll get at the said destination, and will probably make you cry tears of joy. Here's to hoping that you'll get one more chance to come back here in the future?

"If I could do this once more

Just one more chance so I could see you"

10. "Way Back Home" by Shaun

"Way Back Home" is all about the undying love towards someone no matter the distance, and this goes the same as you cap off your entire trip. When you finally strap your seatbelt on the plane, look back at how remarkable your trip was (through photos and vivid memories of your wandering), although it might seem short, you'll surely find your way back home again one day—to the beauty that is South Korea.

"'Cause even when I'm all alone

You still got a hold on my mind

And I'll always let you know

That I'm always gonna hold on"

Check out the entire playlist below:

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