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5 *Feel-Good* Moments Of Local Celebs With Their Moms

Just the kind of GV we need!

It's always interesting to see what celebrities are really like beyond all the onscreen glam and fame, and it's even more refreshing to witness their real and candid interactions with their equally-famous family members.

Here, we look back at five *wholesome* interactions between our favorite personalities and their moms:

1. Lorin Gutierrez and Ruffa Gutierrez

Lorin Gutierrez and her sister Venice are your resident Gen Z TikTok queens, which means that it was only a matter of time before they try out the popular WAP dance challenge on the app, featuring some dance moves that aren't exactly family-friendly. Their mom Ruffa Gutierrez certainly reacted the way any mom would when she saw Lorin try out the dance challenge right in front of hera reaction that even went viral for being adorably candid. What made this mother-daughter interaction cooler, however, was when Ruffa posted a video of her with her two daughters doing the dance challenge together. Just the kind of GV we need during a particularly bad day!

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2. Janine Gutierrez and Lotlot De Leon

Just recently, Janine Gutierrez had a cheeky, but honestly relatable, reaction to a photo of her mom Lotlot De Leon. TBA Studios tweeted a meme about how moms would react when you introduce a new friend featuring a movie still of Lotlot De Leon looking particularly unimpressed. Janine retweeted it and said, "Natatakot po ako sa picture na to ganyan po talaga siya makatingin sa totoong buhay." TBH, most of us would probably be scared whenever our own moms bring out ~that~ stare.

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3. Frankie Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta

Frankie Pangilinan and her megastar mom have had their fair share of cute moments together. Remember that time Kakie casually referred to her mom as "Shawie" on social media? Or the other time when they were both riding on inside jokes about their favorite K-pop group (ICYDK, the Megastar is a huge fan of K-pop group NCT!).

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4. Alex Gonzaga and Mommy Pinty

Fans of Alex Gonzaga would know (and love) just how kalog she can get. What's even more amazing is how she convinces her mother, Mommy Pinty, to join in on her shenanigans. Here's one recent example where Alex got her husband Mikee Morada and both her parents to do a cute social media challenge.

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5. Vico Sotto and Coney Reyes

The Pasig City mayor has had some pretty iconic social media moments even before he was elected as a public official, but he clearly has no intention of stopping now. Throwback to that time in 2018 when he posted a sweet birthday greeting for his mom, veteran actress Coney Reyes, featuring an edited photo of her holding a baby with Vico Sotto's face from when he was younger. In 2020, he made the same birthday greeting, only this time, he used a photo of his current self and plastered it onto her mom's pic. What can be more iconic than that?

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