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Feeling Their Best Ever: Kathryn, Maris, Francine, And Belle – Di na magpapapigil, especially this summer!

Four of the most sought-after young female artists of this generation reflect on their accomplishments so far.

The brightest young stars of today talk about what they're manifesting to achieve the best-ever summer! 

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As we live through the past events and reopening emerges, we see former plans materialize, dreams that were on hold begin, and people missed we finally meet again. Possibly, the reopening inspires us and gives us a sense of optimism.

We could be planning for the best-ever summer because who knows? Maybe, this year will be quite different after all. No one other than the Sunsilk Hairkada knows more about manifesting the best-ever summer. This generation's crop of young talented artists consists of Kathryn Bernardo, Maris Racal, Francine Diaz, and Belle Mariano. They talk about their manifestations this summer and what makes them feel their best ever.


As they reflect on the past two years, the Sunsilk Hairkada shared what they missed the most pre-covid and what they're planning to resume as the reopening begins.

For singer-songwriter Maris Racal, it's working out with a trainer. "I'm so glad to be back at it again," Maris said. Francine Diaz likewise mentioned her interest to get back into working out and regularly writing.

Her well-documented travels prove how much Kathryn Bernardo misses traveling. However, the teen queen wishes to resume traveling this summer, especially with her family and friends. Similarly, He's Into Her star Belle Mariano looks forward to traveling again.

While these ladies have been onscreen for quite some time, they admitted that learning and growth never stop, especially in their work line.

Maris released four singles in the past year, which showcased her burgeoning uniqueness as a singer and songwriter. "I was really able to break out of my shell through the songs I released. I am so glad I'm more open and confident now," Maris said.

On the other hand, Francine noticed that she has come to recognize her strengths and weaknesses. “Mas nakikilala ko na yung sarili ko, mas alam ko na ngayon yung mga kaya kong gawin sa hindi, at I must say that I’m stronger as a person now.”

Kathryn and Belle shared that their growth over the past two years involved meeting significant people who have helped them cherish meaningful moments in their lives.

"I can say that I've definitely had some discoveries that led to personal growth. For example, I've learned who my real friends are, and I will cherish them forever," Kathryn said. Kathryn also said these realizations have led her to note the "smallest details" in life. "We often forget to be thankful for [these little details], so I find happiness in the little things now and appreciate them more."

Belle, who shot through fame through her "Goin' Bulilit" stint to starring as young Gabbie in "Four Sisters Before The Wedding," said she has definitely grown more confident in the past two years. Belle is one-half of the newest love team sensation DonBelle, along with Donny Pangilinan.

She mentioned that now more than ever, she finds time to cherish the people close to her heart.

"I value the people close to my heart even more. I cherish every moment I spend with them. I've grown in terms of those aspects, and I can say that I've gotten even more confident because of my journey in the past two years," Belle said.

While they have learned plenty, they admitted that change comes with discomfort. However, each has its own perspective on embracing changes.

Maris shared that she has a "be like water" mindset that has helped her many times amid drastic changes. "Especially now, nothing is certain anymore. So I always try my best to live in the present and be present."

On the other hand, Kathryn mentioned that there are things one can't control, and it's best to adapt and learn. "I take it day by day and remind myself that I can't control everything. Sometimes it's best to let go. Adapt and learn every day."

Belle and Francine believe that these changes happen for a reason. While they might pull you down, it's possible to still push and empower yourself amid uncertainties.

"I take it as something that would help me. And I also believe in the saying everything happens for a reason," Belle said. Additionally, Francine mentioned that acceptance is the way to embrace change. “Kasi for me ma-eembrace lang naman natin ang isang bagay or pagbabago sa life kapag natutunan natin tanggapin ‘yun,” she added.

On the "best-ever summer"

After a long time of self-reflections and personal realizations, these ladies look forward to creating their version of the "best-ever summer."

"My best-ever summer would be at the beach the whole month," Maris said. There's something dreamlike about being under the sun, the sea, the view, and the company of good friends. Kathryn agreed, too, saying the good company and being on the beach constituted her best-ever summer.

Good sights and traveling are Belle and Francine's fuel for the best-ever summer. "Best ever summer would be traveling," Belle said.

Francine noted how Cebu captured her the most. "Cebu. Kahit three days lang kami na-enjoy ko siya kasi I got to visit the oldest house in Cebu.”

Walang makakapigil sa bangong nakakagigil

Aside from manifesting the best-ever summer, the Sunsilk Hairkada hopes to embody the energy that will take them to their pursuits and plans for the future. They feel most empowering when surrounded by passion, grace, confidence, goals, and performance.

Francine, in particular, said her goals inspire her because they teach her to be persistent and optimistic. In addition, she feels extra walang makakapigil with the support of her family. Kathryn stated that small and big wins are worth celebrating. Her walang makakapigil energy? She feels most proud of herself when she achieves something.

While Maris and Belle see this similar energy through their passion for performing. "When I do something, I always make sure that it's my best. I feel most when I feel grounded, balanced, and inspired," Maris said.

These ladies indeed have more in-store, they are only getting started. Belle teased about a new season of He's Into Her. While Kathryn and Maris are excited about each's upcoming series. On the other hand, Francine encouraged her fans to watch "Bola Bola" and her vlogs on YouTube.

On gushing out their secret for the best-ever summer? It's the NEW Best-Ever Sunsilk with Activ-Infusion! Similarly, the girls urged that Sunsilk empowers ladies na huwag magpapigil this summer with their smooth and fragrant hair na walang makakapigil, nakakagigil!

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The best-ever Sunsilk

Indeed a bunch to look up to that radiates that WALANG MAKAKAPIGIL energy with the new Sunsilk.

With the new addition of Belle Mariano in the Hairkada, Sunsilk is genuinely at its best ever. As one of the new members of the Sunsilk Hairkada, Belle feels grateful to finally join a group she can totally relate with, adding she has always dreamed of being in a shampoo commercial.

"I'm truly grateful. Ever since I've wanted to be a part of hairkada. Having thick hair, it's something I've always dreamed of. So now I'm actually a part of Sunsilk Hairkada. It makes me want to take care of my hair more. I want to be able to inspire young girls like me to be confident with their hair as well," Belle said.

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