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8 Female K-Pop Idols With YouTube Channels That You Should Subscribe To

You'll enjoy watching their vlogs!
K-pop idols who have YouTube channels
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Jennierubyjane Official, Instagram/[IU Official]

Don't you just love it when you can see your favorite K-pop idols enjoying their lives outside of the spotlight? There's a great platform for that, and it's YouTube! Here, they can vlog about their day, document their trips with their friends, and just totally be themselves, all while sharing everything they want to with us. 

Here, a list of female K-pop idols with YouTube channels you should subscribe to!

1. BLACKPINK's Jennie

The 25-year-old launched her YouTube channel on her birthday this year, and it now has more than 4 million subscribers as of writing! Jennie's first vlog is a cover of Mandy Moore's “When Will My Life Begin?" from the OST of the Disney movie, Tangled—complete with a ~music video~ of her doing household chores! 


Another BLACKPINK member who's also on YouTube is our dance machine, Lisa! In her channel, she posts the group's trips abroad and behind-the-scenes from their concerts. She also uploads iconic dance performance videos which you'll probably end up watching more than once!


3. IU

IU's YT channel serves as her personal space where she features her collabs with other K-pop artists and more. You will find many clips here from years ago, but our favorite will always be when she vlogged about her solo concert in Manila.

4. MAMAMOO's Solar

Heads up: Solar's opening line will have you humming in no time! A true-blue singer, her YouTube channel's name is actually connected to music. Solar's vlogs are a mix of internet challenges, collabs with other artists, and her own cooking ~shows~.

5. 2NE1's Sandara Park

Our krung krung is definitely her most krung krung self on YouTube! No matter the platform and place, Dara is always ready to express her love for all things Pinoy (and 2NE1, ofc!). Just look at this video of her eating in a Filipino market in Seoul:

6. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

When she's not hitting high notes on stage, Taeyeon is busy running errands for her mom, trying out stuff she received, or getting hooked with a PUBG dance trend! You guys, Taengoo is just the cutest!

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7. Hyuna

We're always happy to see Hyuna having romantic moments with her boyfriend E'Dawn on her videos! I mean, it's not every day that you get to see a Korean celeb couple being all lovey-dovey on social media, 'di ba? That's why they deserve all the love they can get from us, aka watching Hyuna's vids on repeat.

8. Girl's Day's Hyeri

Our girl Hyeri is known for being friends with a number of K-celebrities and she loves spending time with them when she's not busy. She's particularly close with BLACKPINK's Rosé, and in this clip you will see how cute their friendship is as they bond over food.

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