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Here's Your Guide To All The Female Acts Performing At Wanderland 2020

We're so ready to see them!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Courtesy of Wanderland, (RIGHT) Instagram/raveena_aurora

Update as of February 18, 2020: An earlier version of this article included Sabrina Claudio in the lineup. On February 10, Wanderland announced that due to schedule and routing conflicts, Sabrina will not be able to perform at the festival. Ari Lennox and Raveena will sadly not be able to perform during the event as well. 


We know you're super excited for Wanderland 2020it's happening on March 7 and 8 at the Filinvest City Events Grounds. Aside from looking for THE PERF outfit and wondering which merch item to buy, it's time to get to know the female headliners of this year's *biggest* music and arts festival! 


Niki Zefanya, who goes by her stage name NIKI, is a 20-year-old R&B artist from Indonesia. She is signed under 88rising, a label company that represents hip-hop and R&B acts from both the U.S. and Asia.

NIKI is super proud of her Asian roots that she even opened her set at the 2019 Head In The Clouds Festival in LA with the Indonesian national anthem! In an interview with Refinery 29, Niki said: "I just want Asians to be proud that they're Asian because Asians have just been so underrepresented and it's been a very unspoken, untouched territory."

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Her most popular tracks on Spotify: "lowkey," "I Like U," "La La Lost You," and "Indigo"

((( O )))

Yes, it's a name that's "unpronounceable on purpose" for PH-based experimental artist June Marieezy. In an interview with Crack Magazine, she said: "It's really good that I've 'self-sabotaged' by not having a name. It keeps me grounded, and constantly reminds me of why I'm doing this project at all. This is not just about music or getting famous."

((( O ))) has announced that she is in the midst of "a 12-year-long project during which she will release yearly musical 'sundrops', and shorter monthly 'moondrops'." Her latest track on her YouTube channel The Sundrop Garden is called "Infintro." 

Her most popular tracks on Spotify: "Fly," "Nowhere," "Heavy Eyes," and "Ah Ey Uh"

Ari Lennox

Courtney Salter, commonly known by her stage name Ari Lennox, released her first album, Shea Butter Baby, in May 2019. Before becoming the R&B artist she is now, Ari worked odd jobs (she was an Uber driver at one point) and even auditioned for American Idol in 2008!

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Her stage name Ari Lennox is inspired by the character Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden. In an interview with GQ, Ari explained: "She was a spicy thing. I always wanted that life, just a nice garden, and a sexy, tall guy." 

Her most popular tracks on Spotify: "Got Me," "Shea Butter Baby," "BMO," and "Whipped Cream"


25-year-old Raveena released her debut album Lucid in 2019. Speaking to Wonderland Magazine, Raveena shared that the album "pieced 12 songs very seamlessly together, to ultimately tell a story of surviving trauma and healing." 

A feature with Crack Magazine says that spirituality is important to Raveena's music and personal life. She regularly reads Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu texts and focuses on meditation and mindfulness. 

Her most popular tracks on Spotify: "If Only," "Sweet Time," "Honey," "No Better," and "Still Dreaming"

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