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4 *Powerful* Fictional Political Families In Local Teleseryes

Remember the Ardientes and the Hidalgos?
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They say art imitates life, so it's no surprise that with all the ~drama~ in Philippine politics, local teleseryes tend to feature rich and powerful characters who hold seats in the government.

Here are four of the most interesting political families we spotted in recent soap operas: 

1. The Policarpios from Tanging Yaman (2010)

Notable family members: Juan Policarpio (Rowell Santiago), Marcela Policarpio (Agot Isidro), and Fina Policarpio (Erich Gonzales)

In the series, Juan (a former fireman) becomes the kindhearted President of the Philippines and Marcela is his First Lady. Fina is the rightful First Daughter who was separated from her parents as a baby when a fire broke out at the hospital where she was born. As a result, Fina grows up in poverty while Isabel (Melissa Ricks) is raised as the First Daughter of the country in her place. Fina and Isabel eventually become rivals.

2. The Buenavistas from Pangako Sa'Yo (2015)

Notable family members: Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion), Claudia Buenavista (Angelica Panganiban), Angelo Buenavista (Daniel Padilla), and Lia Buenavista (Andrea Brillantes)   

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The Buenavistas are the most influential and most powerful family in the town of Punta Verde. Things take a different turn when the head of the family, Governor Eduardo Buenavista, is jailed; the mom, Claudia, is believed to be dead; and the family's properties are all foreclosed. The kids, Angelo and Lia, are forced to move to Manila and start anew. 

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3. The Ardientes from Wildflower (2017 to 2018) 

Notable family members: Julio Ardiente(Tirso Cruz III), Emilia Ardiente Torillo (Aiko Melendez), and Arnaldo Ardiente Torillo (RK Bagatsing

Poblacion Ardiente is named after the family that established the small town. Julio Ardiente is a charming patriarch on the outside but is ruthless in real life. He has an only child, Emilia, and he trains one of his grandsons, Mayor Arnaldo Ardiente, to be his successor. Because of the tragic death of her parents, Lily Cruz aka Ivy Aguas (Maja Salvador) seeks for revenge and plots to bring the Ardientes down. 

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4. The Santiagos from Ang Probinsyano (2015 to present) 

Notable family members: Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago), Marissa Hidalgo (Dawn Zulueta), Aubrey Hidalgo (Ryza Cenon), Yohan Hidalgo (Francis Magundayo), and Mary Grace Hidalgo (Heart Ramos)  

In the show, the Hidalgos are the picture-perfect first family of the Philippines. Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) saves President Oscar Hidalgo from an assassination plot created by the vice president (Edu Manzano). However, his wife and children are not as lucky.

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