Fil-Am News Anchor Elaine Quijano Got Attacked By Racist Trolls

They had the nerve to accuse her of being an illegal alien.

Elaine Quijano—the Filipino-American CBS News anchor who moderated the recent U.S. vice presidential debate—has gained a lot of fans (and haters) in the past few days.

Quijano got both positive and negative feedback for how she dealt with vice-presidential hopefuls Tim Kaine (Hillary Clinton's running mate) and Mike Pence (Donald Trump's running mate) during the debate last October 4 at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

In an article for, writer Gina Mei observed, "Despite both candidates talking over her on multiple occasions, Quijano continuously held her ground, kept the debate moving, and refused to allow either Kaine or Pence to talk past their time limits."

Mei added, "As if her incredible display weren't already impressive enough, she also made history as the first Asian-American to ever moderate a national political debate."

However, there were also those who criticized Quijano. Slate's contributor Isaac Chotiner, for one, pointed out: "Quijano never allowed discussions to flow...which prevented any sort of productive, or telling, back-and-forth."

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Chotiner's comment is constructive. But there were also non-constructive ones, and a good number were from pro-Trump trolls who attacked her. 

In fact, there's a comment thread on the Website Free Republic that bears this heading: "Debate moderator Elaine Quijano is an advocate for illegal aliens."

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One commenter questioned Quijano's citizenship, asking, "[Is] Quijano legal? Are her relatives?"

The Business Standard News also cited another commenter who wrote, "I'd like to see her green card. Is she even here legally? I bet she gave Kaine the questions in advance. Mexicans are good at being sneaky."

It's worth noting that Trump himself has been criticized for his racist leanings.

For the record, revealed that Quijano, 42, was born in Chicago to Filipino parents. Her mother is from Batangas and her father is from Davao City. also noted: "Quijano isn't only breaking new ground as the first Asian American to host a presidential debate. She is also the first debate moderator to come from a digital network, as Quijano works for CBS News' CBSN online streaming video service."

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Quijano—who had previously been a White House correspondent for CNN—also anchors CBS Weekend News.

That said, she should also be commended for choosing to not entertain the incendiary comments hurled her way. She has heeded one of the most valuable warnings in the digital age: "Don't feed the trolls."

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