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10 Local Actors We Think Could've Been Perfect For 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Vilma Santos saying the 'you will never be enough' line? Ouch.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamhearte, (RIGHT) Jico Joson

While we can't deny that the Crazy Rich Asians casting is just PERFECT, and we absolutely loved seeing Kris Aquino and Nico Santos in the film (#PinoyPride!), it would have been awesome to see more Filipinos on screen.

Here are local actors that would have been perfect for the movieor maybe for the sequel? BRB, calling Kevin Kwan and CRA director Jon M. Chu. (P.S. These roles aren't based on looks or race, but on characters the actors played before, including their real-life personalities.) Enjoy!  

Paulo Avelino as Nick Young

He's already soooo charming we can't wait to see him as the dashing hero in Goyo. And that white suit reminds us of Henry Golding!

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Angel Locsin as Rachel Chu  

We miss seeing her on the big screen! Angel has played a lot of palaban roles before (think Four Sisters And A Wedding) and we already know that she can hold her own in rom-coms (Unofficialy Yours, Let The Love Begin).

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Heart Evangelista as Astrid Leong

She's got the regal, kind-hearted look down pat. Heart's style, although probably more colorful than Astrid's, is something we'd all want to see on the big screen. Also, she's already been featured as an actual crazy rich Asian.  

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Xian Lim as Michael Teo

It would be interesting to see him play the role of Astrid's not-so-perfect husband! ALSO, have you noticed that he looks really great in suits? 

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Vilma Santos as Eleanor Young

Her most recent films (Everything About Her, Ekstra: The Bit Player) have her playing all kinds of momsstrict, carefree, funny mom— so playing the complex role of overprotective and seemingly reserved Eleanor is no biggie! Can you imagine the Star For All Seasons saying the "you will never be enough" line? Ouch. 

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Dawn Zulueta, Maricel Soriano, and Lea Salonga as members of Eleanor's bible study group 

We legit want to be with these titas during a party! Maybe Lea could've even performed during the wedding? 

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Alex Gonzaga as Goh Peik Lin 

Alex is so original, there's no doubt that she'll come up with her very own quotable lines for the film! Also, she'd probably mention her mom a lot. 

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Zanjoe Marudo as...a member of the bachelor party? Maybe Colin Khoo?  

We can't decide, but we definitely want to see him in the film! Again, suits make everyone look so much hawt-er. No wonder everyone from the Crazy Rich Asians film has got us hooked! 

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