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8 Pinoy Celebs And Influencers Who ~Studied Abroad~

From bachelor's degrees to short courses!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/kianavee, INSTAGRAM/therealangellocsin

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only do you get to experience what college life is like in a different country, but you also get to discover more about the place and learn about their culture and yourself in the process. It's a learning experience both inside the classroom and outside of it. 

Getting to study overseas is a dream for many studentseven for celebrities! But between living independently and, to an extent, spending months and years away from family, pursuing studies abroad isn't always as easy as it seems. From a bachelor's degree to short courses, a few local personalities were actually able to study in a different country.

Here are eight Filipino stars who studied in universities abroad:

1. Jericho Rosales

FYI, Jericho Rosales once took up courses in acting, directing, and producing at New York Film Academy back in 2011. The actor said in an interview that it was challenging to live as a student in New York because it was totally different from his life as an actor, but that the experience was also what "dreams are made of."


2. Angel Locsin

In case you didn't know, Angel Locsin also has a penchant for fashion. Angel once took a short course at London College of Fashion to study Fashion Design.

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3 & 4. Atasha and Andres Muhlach

The celebrity twins both chose to study in universities abroad, with Atasha enrolled in a UK-based university and Andres attending college in a university in Spain.


5. Frankie Pangilinan

In 2019, Frankie Pangilinan started her college life in New York where she hopes to major in Literature.

6. Kiana Valenciano

Kiana Valenciano may be a full-fledged musician now, but she once took up Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in the UK. Kiana revealed in an interview that fashion used to be what she intended to pursue in life, but ended up gravitating towards music and songwriting in the process.


7. Renee de Guzman

Fashion influencer Renee de Guzman lived in London for a while to pursue Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion in the University of the Arts London.


8. Hannah Pangilinan

Content creator and recording artist Hannah Pangilinan got to experience living in Australia when she studied Film and Television at Hillsong College.



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