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8 Filipino Celebrities Who Opened Up About Creepy Stalker Experiences

'Lumipad siya from ganitong place dumating siya sa subdivision tapos sabi niya po-protektahan daw niya ako.'
List Filipino Celebrities With Creepy Stalker Stories

One of the unfortunate side-effects that come with being a celebrity are all the fans who don't respect personal boundaries. With fame, you can't just go out and expect everything to be fine. There are plenty of paparazzi videos that show the likes of Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and more being mobbed that prove this. While we may not have pesky paparazzi in the Philippines, celebrities still have to deal with crazed fans that sometimes turn into stalkers.

From Kris Aquino to Bela Padilla, here are some Filipino celebrities who have had to deal with stalkers: 

1. Sunshine Guimary

celebrity stalker experiences  sunshine guimary
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In September, Sunshine Guimary revealed that she recently dealt with a stalker. The vlogger and model said the events happened right after she posted a thorough house tour on her YouTube channel. Sunshine now regrets giving people access to her house on her vlog. "Nag-regret ako kasi to the point na masyadong detailed. Kasi later on may dumating sa bahay na stalker. Lumipad siya from ganitong place dumating siya sa subdivision tapos sabi niya po-protektahan daw niya ako," she said. "Tumawag na lang kami ng pulis at sabi ko na kung gumastos siya ng pamasahe ako na po magpapamasahe sa kanya pabalik kung saan man siya galing."

2. Bela Padilla

celebrity stalker experiences bela padilla
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Bela Padilla had to file a complaint against a stalker after he attempted to get inside her home and introduced himself as her boyfriend to security. After calling the police, the 33-year-old man left the premises but not before leaving a message for Bela: "Sinasabi niyang gusto niya raw ako makita at mahal na mahal niya raw ako." Bela immediately filed a police report and followed up with a formal case against the stalker.

3. Yam Concepcion

celebrity stalker experiences yam concepcion
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The Rigodon actress successfully nipped a stalker in the bud. In an interview with the Philippine Daily InquirerYam recounted the craziest thing a fan did. "At first, I would reply to his fan messages. It came to a point that he would get mad when I didn't reply. Then, his posts started getting weird. He became obsessed with me. 'Feeling boyfriend' level. So I blocked him," she said. 

4. Eddie Gutierrez

celebrity stalker experiences eddie gutierrez
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On a seemingly quiet Friday evening, Eddie Gutierrez and his family were surprised to find a 21-year-old man trying to get into their house. The stalker claimed to be Eddie's long-lost son, and had already managed to throw three bags with his belongings into the family's backyard (presumably in an attempt to move in). Before things could escalate, however, the stalker was apprehended while climbing over a neighbor's gate.

5. Ella Cruz

celebrity stalker experiences ella cruz
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In 2017, the Philippines was introduced to Xian Gaza after he tried to get Erich Gonzales to have coffee with him through a billboard in Manila. It was amusing at first, but it quickly turned dark after young actress Ella Cruz's mother said the same man had been stalking her daughter. Xian quickly denied the accusations and had this to say to Ella's mom: "Sana'y linisin niyo po ang pangalan ko sa mata ng publiko dahil ang maling alegasyon po ninyo ay sobrang sinira ang reputasyon at pagkatao ko."

6. Kris Aquino

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Kris Aquino warned celebrities about posting personal details and real-time locations on social media by sharing her own stalker story. In an Instagram post, Kris shared that she had a scare after a man managed to come up to her condominium unit that made her "re-evaluate the wisdom in not sharing 'real-time' pics of her vacations."

7. Christine Bersola-Babao

celebrity stalker experiences  christine bersola babao
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Christine Bersola-Babao had to deal with a stalker who threatened her husband and her kids after giving out her personal mobile number. "Tine-threaten na niya si Julius [Babao]. Alam niya daw yung whereabouts ng mga anak ko, 'pababagsakin ko yung career ni Julius,' o kaya 'alam ko kung asan nag-aaral yung anak mo, magkakaroon sila ng boils, tutubuan ka ng pigsa,' mga ganun." The television personality put a stop to the threats by simply changing her number.

8. Janno Gibbs

celebrity stalker experiences janno gibbs
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Back in 2007, Janno Gibbs was relentlessly stalked by a 17-year-old female fan. She repeatedly sent text messages to the singer which turned to threats directed to his kids after he refused to go on a date. The stalker was finally arrested during an entrapment operation. Even during police interviews, the suspect maintained that she had a relationship with Janno.