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Filipino Designer Lesley Mobo Was Super Shocked When He Saw Gazini Ganados Wearing A *Missing* Gown Of His At A Photo Shoot

He clarifies that Gazini is innocent and that she had nothing to do with the issue!
PHOTO: BJ Pascual via Instagram/grazinii

After seeing a sequined gown worn by Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados for a fashion campaign, London-based Filipino designer Lesley Mobo recognized that the dress was his design and had been missing for over four years!  

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Lesley took to social media to air his frustration. "What would you do if you find your missing archive dress suddenly being worn by a beauty queen and you're not even aware of it…and not even credited?" Lesley wrote. "I've been looking for it since 2015. How did it land there? How can I get it back? Should I buy it back? Can I even buy it back?"


In a separate post, he also shared a screenshot of his dress which was up for rent through an online site without his permission! "OMG. Someone just sent this to me. Someone out there is [lending] or selling this gown? But with a retail price? How come? Hindi naman for sale ang damit? What website is this, please? Can I buy it privately?"  

Lesley's latest statement, which was posted just a day ago, wraps up the issue. According to him, he lent the gown to the stylist with the understanding that it would be returned after a specific fashion shoot in 2015. The stylist insisted that she had returned the gown, even though Lesley was sure that she had not. 

He recently had a conversation with the shoot's stylist and said that "she accepted she was at fault and I accepted her sorry. The stylist will also return the dress to me." He also clarified that he wasn't trying to involve Gazini in the situation at all. Seeing the gown was just (understandably) a big shock for him as a designer. "Finding it four and a half years later on social media with Gazini wearing it and on a rental website that was owned by the same stylist that borrowed it from me in 2015 was a big shock for me."

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He added, "With regards to the beauty queen Gazini Ganados, she is innocent and has nothing to do with this issue. Nag-model lang po siya ng damit, and I hope she will win Miss Universe 2020!" 

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