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4 Local Movies + Series That Feature Characters From The Call Center Industry

Office romances seem to be a thing!

Whether you're working in the same field or you just know someone who does, it's important to understand what life is like for those who work in the BPO industry. Until now, there are still instances when call center employees are unfairly stigmatized. 

Here, we have three movies and one series that might shed a little light on what it's like to be a call center employee:  

1. Shift (2013) 

The sitch: Estela (Yeng Constantino) is a call center agent who is lost and struggling for direction in life. She befriends her openly gay co-worker Trevor (Felix Roco) and somehow develops feelings for him.  

2. Call Center Girl (2013) 

The sitch: An OFW named Teresa (Pokwang) comes home to the Philippines after many years, only to find out that her family has fallen apart and her youngest child Regina (Jessy Mendiola) has unresolved issues against her. Teresa accidentally lands a job at the same call center company where Regina is employed and vows to win her daughter back.


3. Sleepless (2015) 

The sitch: This independent film stars Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Roco as two lonely call center agents who just can't sleepGem (Glaiza) can't seem to let go of her *unhealthy* relationship, while Barry (Dominic) is saving up to go abroad. They explore the city at night and find ways to kill time, talking about love and zombies. 

4. Forever Sucks (2016) 

The sitch: This online fantasy series stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith as a hundred-year-old vampire who works at a call center in order to earn money and buy blood packs. Being a vampire, working the graveyard shift makes it the perfect job for her. But what happens when she meets someone and falls in love? Will he accept her true identity? 

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