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Here's Your First Look At Ji Chang Wook And Kim Ji Won ~As A Couple~ In Their New Drama

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/kakaotv.official

We've got a brand new K-drama pairing to look forward to, and it's none other than Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won. The two Hallyu stars are starring in the upcoming short-form romance dramawith multiple seasonscalled City Couple's Way Of Love. Chang Wook and Ji Won's ~season~ is titled My Lovable Camera Thief, and we are so blessed to have the first images of them in the drama. Here they are looking ever so couple-y whilst painting, washing the dishes, and walking their dog by the beach!


Who knew they'd look so good together, no? The two also play quite interesting characters in the drama: Chang Wook as Park Jae Won, an architect whose heart was stolen by a woman he calls "camera thief" one summer night; and Ji Won as Lee Eun Oh, an ordinary woman with a free-spirited and impulsive alter ego. Yup, Eun Oh is Jae Won's ~camera thief~!

City Couple's Way Of Love will premiere on KakaoTV in December. And lucky us, 'cause City Couple's Way Of Love aka Lovestruck In The City will be available on Netflix PH also in December!


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