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LOL At These New 'Four Sisters And A Wedding' Memes

It looks like Mama has a new favorite!
PHOTO: (MAIN) Four Sisters and a Wedding/ABS-CBN Star Cinema, (INSET) Twitter/dxanep

It seems like we're always on the lookout for new Four Sisters And A Wedding content, and this year's midterm elections were no exception. Veteran actress Coney Reyes starred in the 2013 family film as the mom of Salazar siblings: Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Alex (Angel Locsin), Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), and Reb Reb/CJ (Enchong Dee). And anyone who's ever watched the movie would know the family matriarch had her "favorites." 

Remember Bobbie's iconic lines when she confronts their mom about it? After Teddie apologizes to everyone for lying about her job in Spain, Bobbie turns to each of her siblings and points out their qualities she wishes she had: Gabbie's maternal instinct, Reb Reb's charm and innocence, Alex's adventurous spirit, and Teddie's sense of humor. "Are you saying that I'm unfair?" their mom asks. Bobbie answers with, "No, Ma. I'm saying you have your favorites." 

Bobbie continues, "Tinanggap ko naman na iba talaga yung turing mo kay Teddie 'tsaka kay CJ. Kasi sila yung paborito mo. Si Papa naman, si Alex 'tsaka si Gabbie yung paborito. And that's okay." 

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Watch the full scene here: 

Well, it looks like Coney Reyes or "Mama" has a new favorite child, and it's her real-life son Vico Sotto, who just won the mayoral race in Pasig City. Fans on Twitter couldn't wait to get their hands on photos to post new Four Sisters And A Wedding memes! Over the past few days, we spotted some of the funniest ones. 

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It's very clear. We found her real favorite: 

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They were even able to dig up a childhood throwback photo...

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...and a photo of "Mama" and Vico during his graduation:

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This sweet moment reminds us of "Mama" and Reb Reb: 

That's okay, Ma. I'm sure Bobbie and the rest will understand! 

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