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Here Are Four Things Kathryn Bernardo Has Learned While Going On An Adventure With Daniel Padilla

Wise words indeed.

Kathryn Bernardo and real-life sweetheart Daniel Padilla recently took a pretty epic trip to Iceland. The couple swam in the Blue Lagoon, saw the Northern Lights up close where Kathryn kissed Daniel, and they even got the rare chance to see a pink sunset. So dreamy!

While Kathryn and Daniel may have ticked off Iceland from their travel bucket list, the lovebirds even got the chance to do a quick side trip to the City of Lights, Paris! Kathryn shared that they had an eight-hour layover in France, and the couple went to see the famous Eiffel Tower.

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Now that their epic trip is coming to a close, Kathryn shared a lengthy Instagram post on some of the things she has realized:

1. Cherish the little things.

Kathryn said, “Sometimes, you just have to stop and live in the moment. [Daniel] and I made sure to unplug and take time to appreciate our surroundings every once in a while.”

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2. Find a balance. 

Everyone can probably relate to Kathryn’s second point, especially if you work hard but feel guilty of rewarding yourself. Kathryn wrote, “It’s okay to reward yourself, especially if it fuels you to do better. Spoiling yourself once in a while is not a bad thing at all; it’s called self-love, and you deserve it.” 

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3. Love mother nature.

Kathryn reminded her followers to take care of mother nature so future generations can enjoy it. She said, “The earth is blessed with so many exceptionally beautiful places, and it's our duty to be responsible tourists whenever we travel to these precious destinations. To preserve its beauty, we have to help in our own little ways.”

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4. Be grateful.

Kathryn wrote, “So many good things have happened lately (still happening [to be honest]! And I couldn’t ask for anything more.” Putting God at the center of everything, Kathryn said, “He has always guided me towards the right direction so I lift everything up to Him with nothing but a grateful heart.” 

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