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8 *Fun Facts* To Know About Francine Diaz

How much do you know about this rising star?
PHOTO: instagram/francinesdiaz

One of the most anticipated stars of today's generation is Francine Diaz. Known for her role in the internet-famous teleserye Kadenang Ginto, Francine has since established her name as one of the industry's promising talents. But outside of the TV drama, especially now that it has already wrapped up, Francine has a lot more to offer and show her loving fans that she's one to watch for. 

Want to learn more about her? Here are a few things to know about Francine Diaz:

1. Francine's nickname is Chin.

Friends and fans alike call her Chin, but Francine's full name is Francine Carrel Saenz Diaz. She was born on January 27, 2004, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She just turned 17 this year!


2. Francine has five siblings.

Even though many of her fans initially thought that Francine is the ate of the family, she is actually the third child. Her siblings are Chantal, Cameron, Cali, Courtney, and Eisa. She even did a YouTube video where she tried to see who among her siblings knows her the best. Check it out here:

3. Kadenang Ginto was Francine's breakout role.

Prior to booking one of the lead roles in the Kapamilya teleserye Kadenang Ginto, Francine had only been starring as the young versions of the main characters in ABS-CBN teleseryes, which meant that her exposure on TV was very short and would last for only about a week or so.

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When she got the lead role of Cassandra "Cassie" Mondragon, Francine initially did not think she was among the main stars of the drama. It was during the storycon of the show when she finally realized that she just booked her first-ever lead role in the industry. She even had to ask, "Sino [ang role ko] 'pag lalaki na ako?" pertaining to how she's always had roles that only appeared during the main character's flashback scene to their childhood, only to finally realize that she's a mainstay on the teleserye


"Akala ko, nananaginip lang ako. Kasi talagang pinagpe-pray ko lang, pinagpe-pray namin 'yon. Dream ko 'yon, dream namin ng family ko 'yon... Narinig ni Lord yung prayers ko," Francine recounts in a YouTube video on her channel.

Prior to Kadenang Ginto, Francine has played the younger versions of teleserye leading ladies, including Ellen Adarna in Pasion de Amor, Erich Gonzales in Be My Lady, and Kim Chiu in Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin.


4. Francine is taking the ABM strand in SHS.

Francine is currently a student at the Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), particularly under the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand. She also serves as one of the school's celebrity ambassadors!

5. Francine is best friends with Jayda Avanzado.

Aside from The Gold Squad which originally consists of her Kadenang Ginto co-stars Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin, Francine is also close with singer-songwriter Jayda Avanzado. They even call their tandem JayCine. The two best friends also think they are so alike in many ways. Francine even said that she's just the Tagalog-speaking version of Jayda! She also starred in the music video of Jayda's single "M.U. (Malabong Usapan)". Their friendship is honestly goals!


6. Francine likes to write.

Ever wondered why Francine seems like she's so articulate and wise with her words despite her young age? It's probably thanks to her passion for writing. In one of the videos on The Squad Plus channel,  Francine shared that one of her hobbies even before becoming an artista is writing. She loves to write personal entries about her love life and life in general in her diaries. She even keeps a separate notebook just for her poetry. And like many of us, she is also a certified bookworm.


7. Francine is a solid Directioner.

Francine is a huge fan of One Direction (Who wasn't at some point, though?). Even years after the members went their separate ways, she remains a loyal Directioner. Aside from 1D, Francine is also a huge fan of K-pop group EXO.

8. Francine isn't a huge fan of spending money on herself.

In one YouTube video, Francine answers "palaban" questions from fans. When asked what her biggest investment is using the money she earned as an artista, Francine admitted that it was appliances for the home she lives in with her family. She further explains that she isn't really the type to splurge on herself. But if she did, it was most probably for makeup, because it is something she has to use for work, too.