Frankie Pangilinan Shows Her 'Flaws' On Twitter

She's not ashamed of her scars.
PHOTO: Instagram/frankiepangilinan

Frankie Pangilinan has done what very few celebrities in her generation would do: bravely show her flaws on social media. 

The daughter of star Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan recently tweeted a selfie that shows the scars and marks on her skin, which she said was due to lack of sleep and hydration. 

She wrote, "My skin hasn’t been the best recently [because] I haven’t been able to get the best sleep or stay as hydrated as I usually am, so I thought I’d show you [what it looks like]. It’s super normal to get texture and scars, and [they're] nothing to be ashamed of! Let’s start normalizing what’s real."

Many users praised her for confidence, and some were even inspired by her post. 

Keep being you, Frankie!

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